The Amazing Magic Wand Mod has so many amazing features, it’s hard to begin. With this mod, you can do so many fantastic things

  •  1. Right-clicking on any ore, makes the ingot or item be sucked right out of the block and the ore is transformed        into a stone block. (The ingot or item is dropped in front of the player.)
  •  2. Right-clicking a cobblestone block turns it into a stone block.
  •  3. Right-clicking a sand block turns it into glass.
  •  4. Right-clicking a glass block turns it into sand.
  •  5. Right-clicking dirt turns it into grass.
  •  6. Right-clicking on wool blocks cycles through all of the different wool colors.
  •  7. Right-clicking on wood logs cycles through the four different wood types.
  •  8. Right-clicking on wood planks cycles through the four different plank types.
  •  9. Right-clicking on red flowers turns it into a yellow flower.
  • 10. Right-clicking on a yellow flower turns it into a red flower.
  • 11. Right-clicking on a red mushroom turns it into a brown mushroom.
  • 12. Right-clicking on a brown mushroom turns it into a red mushroom.
  • 13. Right-clciking on an active block of TNT (about to explode) drops the block of TNT and prevents the explosion.
  • 14. Right-clicking on a Zombie kills the Zombie and drops two feathers.
  • 15. Right-clicking on tall grass makes the tall grass spread.
  • 16. Right-clicking gravel removes the gravel block and drops the player flint.
  • 17. Right-clicking on crops makes them grow fully (just like bonemeal).
  • 18. Right-clicking on reeds drops the reed item and removes the reed block.
  • 19. Right-clicking on leaves removes the leaf block and drops either apples, sticks, and/or saplings in random quantities.
  • 20. Beautiful, multi-colored particle effects for every function (except the TNT and Zombie functions).
  • *New*
  • 21. While you hold the item and sprint, portal particles will be spawned in your wake.
  • 22. If you press shift while the mouse is hovering over a nearby block, lightning will be spawned in that spot and the player will look as if going through a portal = LIGHTNING RAGE MODE!!!

The Wand itself only has 111 uses, so use it wisely! If you mine a block the item breaks into an iron ingot. If you kill an entity with the Wand, it will inflict 100 damage, but it’ll also break into an iron ingot.



  • 2. Download The Amazing Magic Wand Mod, and DO NOT UNZIP THE FILE!
  • 3. Place the file into the mods folder inside your minecraft directory
  • 4. Run game and enjoy!


  • 2. Download The Amazing Magic Wand Mod (make sure it’s the ModLoader version!) and unzip the file
  • 3. Drag all of the files inside the unzipped file into your unarchived minecraft.jar
  • 4. Run game and enjoy!



  • Fixed huge big with the entityplayer.rand
  • Forge and ModLoader compatibility
  • Updated for Minecraft 1.4.5
  • Other bug squashing
  • Code optimization

Download Links for The Amazing Magic Wand Mod:



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