Welcome to The Cavern server, a server that revolves around fostering a tight-knit community and ensuring a warm and inviting environment for players of all backgrounds. Our sole purpose is to cater to your needs, and we have taken great care in crafting an experience that exceeds your expectations. We value the input of our players, which has allowed us to curate the finest possible gameplay. With utmost certainty, we can guarantee that your time spent with us will be nothing short of delightful!

In both Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions, we’ve warmly welcomed an impressive count of 42,000 distinct players. Within our primary world, as well as the nether, end, and resource worlds, these players have engaged with a staggering total of 1.192 billion blocks. Through their actions, they have embarked on the remarkable journey of constructing, demolishing, and exploring over 2,700 towns, forming more than 35 nations in the process. Our dedicated leadership has diligently implemented 200+ updates to enhance the server, all of which are meticulously documented in our Changelog channel on Discord. Your invaluable votes have been instrumental in fueling our growth, and collectively, the server has amassed a grand total of 335,000 votes.

Server Information

Author: ItsSynchro

Server name: The Cavern

Server Location: United States

Minecraft Platform: Java, MCPE, Bedrock

Supported Version: 1.20.1

Game types: Survival, SMP, Towny, MCMMO, Economy, Earth, PvE, Lifesteal, Crossplay, Bedrock

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Towny: Begin an exciting adventure into the wide wilderness, where you’ll rightfully claim a plentiful stretch of land. Here, amidst untouched beauty, you’ll have the ability to grow your territory, construct impressive structures, and establish a powerful empire that showcases your aspirations and determination


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