About The Cube Map

This is The Cube Map. 5 different levels/games that will test your knowledge, memory and skills against The Cube. You will be given 5 Lives, 1 Simplify Card and 1 Trial-Run Card to start with. Using the two cards will help you through The Cube. Your simplify card can only be used once but on any of the levels. This card makes the game a little bit easier depending on the level.


The Trial-Run card will allow you to play the game but if you lose you will not lose a life. If you win you will continue onto the next game. You can only use the trial-run card once and on any level. The cube is all voiced run and ran by a computer called “The Cube”. Please make sure all particles are off and your sounds are up to a comfortable volume. (Music and weather can both be turned off!) To make sure your resource pack is working fine you should here a man speak when you click the button at the start of the game.

The Cube Map Screenshots:





Map Trailer:

Let’s Plays:

Resource Pack: Inside the download file

How to install:

Download links for The Cube Map:

For Minecraft 1.8


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