The Horseshoe Map Island Map (1.20.6, 1.20.1) is a custom survival map created by YourFriend0918. Welcome to this pirate adventure island, a captivating survival map that thrusts you into a world filled with challenges and danger. As you navigate a horseshoe-shaped island, battle pillagers, vindicators, and evokers, and explore custom structures, the remnants of your shipwrecked vessel become the backdrop for a thrilling quest. Utilize strategic gameplay to disable spawners on the infamous pillager ship, avoiding overwhelming odds. With hidden treasures and mysteries awaiting discovery, this map offers a unique twist to the traditional survival island experience. Will you conquer the challenges, defeat the pirate organization, and establish your empire on this mysterious and perilous island? The adventure awaits!


More information:

Congrats! You just found the next adventure/challenge you’re gonna attempt! A traditional survival island in the shape of a horseshoe….. with Pirates. You spawn in a shipwreck that just got wiped by a thunderstorm and crashed on a mysterious Island. With your other two villager friends and a golem at your service, explore the Island and defeat the pirate organization and start your own empire on the island! With A ton of custom structures to explore and loot. Including ships, different outposts, etc… This map offers everything to keep you entertained for hours. Overall, this map offers the perfect survival island experience for you to explore.

A few tips: when trying to beat the pillager ship, remember that there are a lot of spawners on it. try disabling the spawners not at once, instead disable one to three and then jump off and away from the ship so that the spawned pillagers despawn and then disable the other spawners like this. Or else you will be completely overwhelmed by the vast amount of the pillagers spawning. It’s a bit complicated but you’ll get what i mean if you play it

How to install:

The Horseshoe Map Island Map (1.20.6, 1.20.1) Download Links

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