The Orphanage Map Story

The Orphanage Map. You are coming back from a long journey and going back to your hometown. You are sleepy and the radio is on,

Since you are on the road for more than 7 hours you stop paying attention what is around,

Your car runs out of gas and you dont what to do ,

So you start walking hoping that you will find a shelter or someone to help you.


But the only place you can shelter is an orphanage.

Will you survive?

This is the scariest map of minecraft history. Lots of Jumpscares and scary ambiance, Realistic Texture, NO BLINDNESS! An amazing story.

The Orphanage Map Screenshots:







Map Play:

The Orphanage Map Rules:

  • Don’t place or break any blocks
  • Be sure command blocks are on
  • Play on Adventure mod
  • Don’t use a 3. Party mod or application
  • Don’t use codes
  • Read everybook you find and keep up with the conversations
  • If you get lost use /tp -67 23 212
  • Play on HARD

Resource Pack: Silent Hill

How to install:

Download links for The Orphanage Map:

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