The Plunderers Chapter 2 The Atlas Map is the sequel to The Plunderers Chapter 1 Captain Greedbeard. However, playing the first map is not required.

After defeating Greedbeard your crew has found themselves in some trouble. However your childhood stories have come to the rescue.

You know exactly what to do and find. However… is the object you find really as friendly as you thought, or does it have it’s own secret agenda?

Things To Know: 

  • Having played the first map is not required for understanding but will help solidify the background of your character.
  • You can play this with any number of players. You can play solo, or with all 800 of your friends. We suggest 2 or 3 but any number works.
  • The boss fight in this Chapter (much like the previous one) is kinda difficult to figure out, however this one is a bit easier.
  • This map features a read-at-your-own-pace text style. by clicking [NEXT] in chat you move on to the next section.
  • Do not go into the water unless there is LITERALLY nowhere else to go, you won’t be required to venture into the water, only to use it to return places.
  • This map is alpha and beta tested so trust us, it is all there and functioning (yes this is here twice)
  • Finally: Read the rules and the instructions, only necessary things are listed.

The Plunderers Chapter 2 The Atlas Map Download Links

For Minecraft 1.10.2

Download from Server 1

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