So this mod allows you to draw runes on the ground physically and outside the crafting gui. Depending on what pattern you draw and what you give as a sacrifice, something magical will happen.



  • Install Minecraft Forge (with FML)
  • Drag dustmod.jar into %appdata%/.minecraft/mods/
  • Drag whatever addon rune pack jars you have into the same folder.

Server Notes:

  • To disable a rune, go into /[ServerFolder]/DustModConfig.cfg and change it to false
  • Some runes are disabled by default due to SMP incompatibility and cannot be re-enabled.

To Change the Block/Item IDs:

  • Go to /.minecraft/config/DustMod.cfg. All the IDs should be there for you to change.

The download has been split!

  • Core- The core of the mod. This is required both server and client no matter what.
  • Default runes- The basic runes that used to come pre-installed. Requires the Core. Only needed on server unless client wants them in SSP.
  • Decorative dusts- A addon for decorative dusts of all wool colors. Requires Core. Only needed on server unless client wants them in SSP.



  • (UPD) Updated to MC1.5
  • (ADD) Dust only glows when active or activating (also brighter)
  • (ADD) Ruts glow with the light value of what fills it
  • (ADD) Beacon (torch) rune now turns off when powered by redstone signal.
  • (ADD) Added LeapI, LeapII, VoidI, BounceI, BlinkI, BlinkII, ForesightI, and Return I Inscriptions to the official release.
  • (TWK) Scrolls now place slower if in survival (hold down right click)
  • (CNG) Pages of the tome are no longer saved to disk, but are instead just kept in memory. Hopefully this will reduce issues.
  • (FIX) Fixed several crashing bugs
  • (FIX) Spirit pickaxe not dropping blocks
  • (FIX) Eggifier not working on mod entities
  • (FIX) Rabbit Hole being able to break through adminium and blocks as hard/harder than obsidian
  • (FIX) Heights rune not keeping its beam type on relogging

For Minecraft 1.5


For Minecraft 1.4.5


Default Pack:

Decorative Addon Pack:

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