About The Smoke Map

The Smoke Map. You heard a lot of scary stories as a little kid: stories about the Stalker, the Weeping One. But you always liked the ones about the Smoker the best. You’ve heard legends of The Smoker as long as you can remember. An extradimensional being, it stalks the nighttime, looking to consume and mutilate the essence of others. To hunt, it blinds its victims with a cloud of dense smoke, before closing in for the feast. Highly sadistic, its been known to stalk its victims for long periods of time before tearing them apart…Time passed, and you became a novelist, trying to put your own scary stories down on paper. You picked up a part time job to support yourself, working as an exterminator. And that is where your story truly begins…



  • Open World!
  • Custom Enemy Spawning System!
  • Sandwiches (for real this time)!
  • Three types of enemies, each with unique abilities and powers that will scare you pantsless!
  • Fully fleshed out resource pack!
  • Vanilla (only command blocks and resource pack)!
  • Actually understandable story (unlike The Librarian)!
  • Language pack (English only, sorry)!
  • Really Creepy stuff!
  • Awesomeness in sliced bread format!

How to install:

Download links for The Smoke Map:

For Minecraft 1.8

Download from Server 1

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