Tinkers’ Construct Mod was originally created by mDiyo for the Java Edition. Through the efforts of the author, it was ported to the Bedrock Edition. Tinkers’ Construct Addon (1.19) adds a variety of new tools and weapons to the game, along with some extra features.


  • This addon currently adds over 10 unique, customizable tools. The materials which can currently be used are Wood, Stone, Flint, Iron, Copper, Cobalt, Ardite, and Manyullyn (and more soon) are maintained to be used in MCPE/Bedrock 1.19.30 and above! The tools currently in the game are Pickaxes, Shovels, Hatchets, Mattocks, Hammers, Excavators, Broad Axes, Broadswords, Longswords, Cleavers, and now Frypans.


Blank Pattern

  • This is needed for making the different workstations, along with specific tool stencils.

Materials and you

  • This is a guidebook, completely rewritten since the last update, that goes over nearly everything you need to know to get started with this version of Tinkers’ Construct!
  • It covers a lot of the things on this page, so you no longer need to use this page as a guide.
  • It simply works by interacting with it to flip the page, and you can crouch and interact to flip to the sections as shown in the contents, with a total of 44 pages.


Crafting Station

  • This is a Tinkers’ Style Crafting Table:

Stencil Table

  • This is a table needed for making different patterns.
  • The function has been changed, however, to pick your stencil, you need to cycle through them either in the crafting menu (for making multiple at once) or you can crouch and place any stencil on top of it and cycle through by interacting with it, as a way of introducing more interactivity to the table.
  • (Crafted with any variant of wood)

Part Builder

  • This is a table required for making parts for tools.
  • Each different tool part will require a specific amount of materials.
  • (Crafted with any variant of wood)

Tool Station

  • This is a table used to combine the parts to make your tools

Tool Forge

  • This table is an upgraded Tool Station, which allows you to make more advanced tools, like the Cleaver or Hammer.



  • A tool will lose durability after use, so luckily you can repair it whenever, using the head’s materials.
  • However, if you are unfortunate enough for it to break, you can still repair it as you get a broken variant of it, but you will need 2 of that material.
  • Note: All modifiers will be lost if a tool breaks.


  • “A precise mining tool, effective on stone and ores.”


  • “A precise digging tool, effective on dirt, sand, etc.”


  • “A basic chopping tool, effective on wood and leaves.”


  • “A versatile farming tool, effective on wood, dirt, etc.”


  • “A versatile weapon, dealing average damage.”


  • “An offensive weapon, including a new launch mechanic.”


  • “A heavy weapon, giving mobs a slowness effect and making bonk sounds.”


  • “A broad mining tool, which can mine in a 3×3 area.”
  • Requires a Tool Forge.


  • “A broad digging tool, which can mine in a 3×3 area.”
  • Requires a Tool Forge.

Broad Axe

  • “A broad chopping tool, which can mine in a 3×3 area.”
  • Requires a Tool Forge.


  • “A heavy offensive weapon, dealing powerful strikes.”
  • Requires a Tool Forge.


  • As mentioned previously, Cobalt, Ardite, and Manyullyn are 3 new materials added and can be used to make tools.


  • This is a rare ore that is found in the nether and is found between Y levels 0 and 64.
  • Its key feature for tools is its mining speed.


  • This is also a rare ore that is found in the nether and is found between Y levels 32 and 128.
  • Its key feature for tools is their durability.


  • This is made by combining Cobalt and Ardite together, either in the Smeltery Controller or in a Seared Tank.
  • Its key feature for tools is its attack damage.


  • Modifiers are the Tinkers’ equivalent to enchants; they allow your tool to be the best it can be!
  • In this version, your tool can have 2 modifiers max.

Diamond increases durability and upgrades its mining level – available for any tool.

Haste increases mining speed, using one Redstone block – restricted to mining tools.

Sharp increases attack damage, using two quartz blocks – restricted to weapons.

Beheading gives the chance of cutting off a mob’s head – restricted to weapons

Necrotic gives the chance of gaining health when attacking mobs.

The smeltery

  • If you want more powerful tools, that are for example made of metal, you will need to turn to a smeltery.


  • This block is needed to make seared bricks and is crafted with clay, sand, and gravel.

Seared Brick

  • This item is used to make Seared Bricks or components for the smeltery.

Seared Bricks

  • This is mainly a decorative block, and its appearance can be changed by placing it in the stonecutter.

Seared Tank

  • This is used to store lava and molten metals.

Seared Gauge

  • This is also used to store lava and molten metals.

Seared Melter

  • This is a compact, early-game method of melting metals.

Seared Heater

  • This is placed beneath a Seared Melter to power it. Uses coal and charcoal.

  • Each coal/charcoal piece equates to 4 smelts, while the Melter can only hold 2 ingots worth of fluid at a time.
  • Requires copper cans/buckets to transfer fluid.
  • This is what it should look like.

Smeltery Controller

  • This block is the main component needed for a smeltery and requires one lava bucket to activate it, allowing for 10 smelts.
  • It can melt everything that the Seared Melter can, but more materials can be gathered from this process, with raw metals doubling, and it can also alloy.
  • Now, it no longer has a crafting UI as you simply interact with each material you want to smelt.

Copper Can

  • This new item is very useful for transferring molten fluids around, holding one ingots worth per can, while buckets now hold two ingots worth.
  • To use, scoop from the Seared Melter, or from the center of the Smeltery.

Casting Table

  • This is vital for making metal tool parts and is essentially an upgraded part builder.
  • Each cast’s material cost offers a guide on how much fluid is needed to fill it.
  • Requires copper cans/buckets to fill.

Casting Basin

  • This is a much faster way of getting metal blocks than the casting table. It uses 9 buckets of molten metal to make a block. It also has other uses (i.e. Lavawood).
  • Requires copper cans/buckets to fill.

Smeltery Models

  • This update changes how a smeltery can be built and requires to have a 3×3 bottom, with 3×1 walls surrounding it. Adding a tank is essential, and to activate it, simply pour lava into the controller!
  • Like the melter, interact with the material you want to smelt, and it will be added to the smeltery.

Extra Features

Traveler’s Gear and Plate Armor

  • These do have modifiers, but are experimental and may be removed in the future. Watch the v1.6 showcase for more info.

Drying Rack

  • This block is used to dry food and turn it into jerky or leather. It will take around 5 minutes for raw food to dry and around half the time for cooked food to dry. All the foods that can be dried are Rotten Flesh, Beef, Porkchops, Chicken, Mutton, Rabbit, Cod, Salmon, and Tropical Fish.

Stone Rods

  • This is a small feature that allows you to make vanilla torches and ladders without the need for wood.
  • (Custom Stone Torch block recipe removed)


  • This placeable item allows you to light up floors, without the use of a torch.


  • This throwable item allows you to make large explosions, which can be used for mining and can be turned off with mob griefing.

Extra Resource Packs

  • These extra resource packs are included in the mcaddon pack.

Custom UIs

  • Wanna further immerse yourself into this addon? Custom UIs have been introduced! Simply add the UIs Resource Pack to your world.
  • Note: When using other add-ons without custom UIs, this may cause issues with their crafting tables, so it is recommended to not enable it unless they do not include custom crafting tables.

Installation Note:

Because some features are being changed so significantly, you may need to do a few things in your world before updating:

  • Make sure that you are first in 1.19.30+, as any previous version will cause bugs.
  • To use your smeltery again, simply destroy the Smeltery Controller from the structure, then place it back to reassemble it.
  • Break and collect all Casting Basins, and after updating, you can simply replace them; this is to prevent them from becoming an update block.
  • Support for the Tool Combos Pack has now officially been dropped, as they no longer work properly anymore.
  • If you would like to see the durability of your tools, like the original Java mod, you should use a durability viewer resource pack in your world.

Make sure you activated the following “Experimental Settings”:

How to install:

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How To Install Map on Minecraft PE

Tinkers’ Construct Addon (1.19) Download Links

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Tinkers’ Construct Mod

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.19

mcaddon: Download from server 1Download from server 2

Zip: Download from server 1Download from server 2

mcpack: Download from server 1Download from server 2

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