Toads Task Map is a short, fun, unique Mario styled adventure map. Contains easy puzzles, unique items with special abilities, boss battles, and much more!

Toad needs your help! He’s sprained his ankle and cannot move unless you travel back to his house and get him his supplies that he had forgotten. Encounter many obstacles on your way to and from Toad’s house, such as puzzles, Dino Rhinos, Piranha Plant, and more! Collect unique items with special abilities to help solve puzzles and get through areas.

Note: Right click a Toad to talk to hi


  • Custom resourcepack (Comes with world download)
  • Multiplayer supported
  • Interactive dialogue
  • 5-20 minutes of gameplay (No less)
  • 1 boss battle
  • Easy puzzles
  • Unique items with special abilities


Toads Task Map 1

Toads Task Map 2

Toads Task Map 3

What Was That Community Edition Map Download Links

For Minecraft 1.10.2

Download from Server 1

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