In the ever-evolving universe of Minecraft, the TownyEternal Server stands as a unique gem, blending the traditional aspects of Towny that players love with innovative enhancements for an exhilarating gameplay experience.

Navigating through the expansive landscapes of TownyEternal is an adventure itself, created on a fresh 1.19.2 Main World. This is not just another Main World; it’s a canvas painted with a thousand different experiences, awaiting your creativity. We pledge a no-reset policy, ensuring your creations, victories, and memories are forever etched in this world. Our Towny Nether and End worlds offer a continuation of this no-reset policy, extending the realm of exploration, and making your journey perpetually fascinating and rewarding.

Our Welcoming Staff and Community: Embrace the TownyEternal Family

TownyEternal takes immense pride in its welcoming staff and community. Our team is committed to creating a nurturing, inclusive, and engaging environment for all our players. As you journey through our expansive world, know that you’re part of a family that values and supports you.

Server Information

Author: Towny Eternal Team

Server name: Towny Eternal

Server Location: United States

Minecraft Platform: Java

Supported Version: 1.20.1

Game types: Towny, Survival, PvP

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Server Features

  • Peaceful Co-existence: Strict No-Grief/No-Raiding Policies
    • We recognize the importance of safe and supportive gaming environments. Our robust no-grief/no-raiding policy protects your hard work and artistic creations from potential harm. This fosters a community of mutual respect, camaraderie, and peaceful coexistence, enhancing the overall gaming experience.
  • Player-Driven Economy: Create, Trade, and Prosper
    • TownyEternal is a thriving economy powered by you, the player. As an active participant in our player-driven economy, you have the opportunity to shape the financial future of our world. By trading goods, offering services, or undertaking jobs, you contribute to the community and carve your path to prosperity.

In-game Features


Your adventure starts with claiming your piece of land. As you explore the fresh 1.19.2 Main World, you’ll encounter diverse landscapes and hidden treasures. Be it lush forests, grand mountains, serene lakes, or mysterious caves, stake your claim and establish your reign. With your land claimed, you can start building your community by adding residents. Each new resident not only increases your town’s population but also brings unique skills, enhancing your town’s abilities and reputation. Together, you can build grand architectures, thriving markets, or impenetrable fortresses.

Engage in profitable professions, trade valuable goods, and participate in the player-driven economy. The wealth you accumulate can be invested back into your town, attracting new residents and boosting your standing among the other towns. With the ability to set up your own market, you can become a pivotal part of the town’s economy. Sell your goods, buy rare items, and capitalize on market trends. The market is not only a place for trade but also a hub of community interaction and economic growth.

Features in Towny gamemode:

  • Siege War
    • “Siege War” focuses on geopolitical domination and rewards the top seven nations with money and artifacts.
    • Sieges are 3-day “King of the Hill” battles outside a town, with Attackers and Defenders.
    • The outcome of a Siege can lead to an invasion of the town by the winning team.
    • Players can rise through ranks in their nation and town, each rank having specific permissions and abilities.
    • Sieges are initiated by placing a non-white banner near a town and completing a 40-point score in 5 minutes.
    • Battle Sessions determine the outcome of a Siege based on capturing banners and killing enemy players. The team with the highest Battle Points wins.

Other Features:

  • A Profusion of Jobs: Opportunities Galore
    • TownyEternal takes the concept of jobs in Minecraft to an entirely new level. Our wide array of jobs opens doors to various professions, each with unique roles and rewards. From farming to mining, hunting to building, the possibilities are endless.
  • Climb the Ranks: Ascend the Ladder of Achievement
    • Progress in TownyEternal is met with ranks that recognize your dedication, skill, and accomplishments. These ranks not only reflect your standing within the community but also grant access to new privileges, further enriching your gameplay.
  • Custom Items and Ores: Enhancing Gameplay with Exclusivity
    • Our Minecraft universe takes customization to the next level with custom items and ores. These unique finds, infused with the thrill of discovery, add a fresh dimension to your in-game experiences.
  • The Allure of Fishing: Dive into the Deep with a New Twist
    • Fishing in TownyEternal is an expedition, a plunge into the waters of the unknown. Our take on fishing encompasses a wide array of aquatic species and treasures, ensuring every fishing expedition is as unique as it is exciting.
  • Cosmetics: Define Your Unique Identity
    • We understand the desire to stand out, to make your mark. With our wide selection of cosmetics, you can personalize your avatar, adding a touch of flair to your identity. Express yourself with our cosmetic features and let your avatar tell your story.
  • Experience the Magic of Towny Eternal
    • We invite you to immerse yourself in the boundless magic of TownyEternal. With its unique blend of traditional Towny elements and enriching additions, this is not just a game—it’s a journey of exploration, creativity, and community. So come, stop by, and let the unforgettable adventure begin.


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