Do you want to play some team deathmatch in the spirit of christmas? Then Toy Soldiers Map is for you!

In the best spirit of Christmas the Noxcrew made a team death-match map for everyone to enjoy. Bringing together elements we’ve come to learn and enjoy from other games into Minecraft. Toy Soldiers Map provides a smooth, intuitive, fast paced, team death-match experience to players and server owners have several options of giving players power to start and modify the game, making this a very manageable map.

The concept of the map might be familiar to players who’ve played custom maps for counterstrike or call of duty. The setting of the map is in a super-sized Christmas themed room with walkways and ladders everywhere, creating a fast number of tactics to dominate the opposing team. Ever shifting struggles for domination make this a dynamic and interesting map to play.

Toy Soldiers Map Screenshots:

In bullet-points

  • Christmas themed team deathmatch
  • Inchat team deathcounter
  • Four classes to pick from
  • Toggleable deathlimits 25 [4 vs 4], 50 [8 vs 8] and 100 [16 vs 16]
  • Includes spectator mode
  • Adjustable ingame controle options for Server OP’s
  • Runs in vanilla

Download links for Toy Soldiers Map:

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