Where to Find a Trail Ruins

In Minecraft, the Trail Ruins is a new structure that spawns naturally in the game and was introduced in Minecraft 1.20 (Trails & Tales Update). The Trail Ruins is found in the Overworld and is for the most part, buried underground. Generally, you can only see a few blocks of gravel and colored terracotta exposed above the ground.

Here is a picture of what a Trail Ruins looks like above the ground:

If we mine away the gravel, dirt and stone around the Trail Ruins, you can see that it has a central tower with small rooms connected to it that are deeper underground.

Inside the Trail Ruins

Inside the Trail Ruins, you will find many small rooms. In this Trail Ruins, one of the rooms has a Crafting Table with some Suspicious Gravel around it.

You can use a new tool called a Brush on the Suspicious Gravel to reveal items such as:

Wayfinder Armor Trim, Raiser Armor Trim, Shaper Armor Trim, Host Armor Trim, Burn Pottery Sherd, Danger Pottery Sherd, Friend Pottery Sherd, Heart Pottery Sherd, Heartbreak Pottery Sherd, Howl Pottery Sherd, and Sheaf Pottery Sherd.

NOTE: All of these items found in Suspicious Gravel are very rare! You might have to brush 12 or more Suspicious Gravel before any one of these armor trims or pottery sherds are revealed. More commonly, when you brush Suspicious Gravel, the Suspicious Gravel will just turn into an ordinary Gravel block. But don’t give up!

Trail Ruins Seeds

You can use a seed to create a world where you spawn near a Trail Ruins:

Trail Ruins Seeds (Java Edition)
Trail Ruins Seeds (Bedrock Edition)

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