Trapped In Innsmouth Map Information:

Trapped In Innsmouth is a short Minecraft puzzle map that is inspired by the stories of H.P. Lovecraft (see in-game book for backstory). The map uses custom textures and sounds, as well as new 1.7 mechanics for Command Blocks! Since this is my very first map, any and all constructive feedback is appreciated. You may need to poke around a bit to progress. Not everything is as it seems. Expect around 15 minutes of gameplay.

Trapped In Innsmouth Map Screenshots:

Map Trailer:

Map Play:

Map Rules:

  • Play in Minecraft 1.7 or recent snapshots
  • Use the included Resource Pack
  • Read the README file
  • Play in Adventure Mode (do NOT break torches / levers / buttons)
  • Play on Easy difficulty (Peaceful will prevent you from finishing the map)
  • Do not break buttons, levers, etc.
  • Smooth Lighting is recommended

Resource Pack: Includes download file

How to install:

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