Welcome to my new puzzle/sandbox map, Turing Programmer Map!

In this map, you will use a language of just 13 simple commands to manipulate an infinite plane of cells and calculate just about anything an actual computer can. No redstone knowledge or command block knowledge is required or used, because your program is made up entirely of different colored wool blocks that are executed in a determined order. You may think of this map as a type of cellular automaton.

Activate your imagination and create programs that can invert a row of 0s and 1s, add two numbers in base two, square and cube numbers, generate Fibonacci sequences, calculate prime factors, and generate Pythagorean triples. There is no limit to creativity in this map!

Inspired by the game Human Resource Machine by Tomorrow Corporation. Get it here.


  • A simple introduction to programming!
  • An easy to understand tutorial!
  • Custom sounds and custom music!
  • A list of challenges for you programmers out there in 4 different difficulty categories!


Turing Programmer Map Download Links

For Minecraft 1.10.2

Download from Server 1

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