Tuyul Hunter Map (1.19) brings you an adventure minigame that is similar to a ghost-hunting map. In Indonesian folklore, Tuyul is a bald child-like supernatural creature who steals for its master. The owner of a house filled with valuable possessions is worried about losing them to Tuyul. Your task is to find and prevent Tuyul from stealing before it’s too late. Are you up for the challenge of stopping Tuyul?


  • Unique Add-On.
  • Single-player and Multiplayer support.
  • Unique items to help you stop Tuyul.
  • The simple money system and in-game store.
  • Tuyul steals randomly and unpredictably.


  • This adventure minigame is similar to a ghost-hunting map.
  • The house has three bedrooms and three safe deposit boxes.
  • Lure Tuyul out by placing all the diamond blocks into three safe deposit boxes.
  • Use items such as sword, compass, and magical prayer beads to stop Tuyul from stealing diamond blocks.
  • Defeat Tuyul and take “Tuyul Spawn Egg” to win.
  • Collect money you find to buy powerful magical prayer beads.
  • Find secret item, and secret mob to unlock secret room.



  • You and your friends will hunt Tuyul in this house.


  • There are three bedrooms in the house.


  • Each bedroom has one safe deposit box.
  • Put all the diamond blocks into three safe deposit boxes to lure Tuyul out.


  • Flashlight

Flashlights can be used to light up dark places.

  • Compass

A compass can be used to show Tuyul’s location.

  • Sword

Use the sword to hit Tuyul.

  • Money

Collect money to buy magical prayer beads.

  • Magical prayer beads

Magical prayer beads can deal damage Tuyul.

  • 3kg LPG cylinder

A 3kg LPG cylinder can be exploded to deal damage to Tuyul and yourself!


  • As a tribute to the first 100 YouTubers who have uploaded videos playing this map.

  • To enter the Cemetery you will need the Cemetery Key which you can find in the Secret Room.


  • Find secret mob to unlock secret room.

Installation Note:

  • Holiday Creator Features need to be activated.

How to install:

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Tuyul Hunter Map (1.19) Download Links

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.19

mcworld: Download from server 1Download from server 2

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