Things this mod “fixes”

  • 1) Chests no longer auto lock into doubles allowing for more chests to fit in one place.
  • 2) Bookshelves are now placed in a direction only showing books on front and back of the block.
  • 3) MANY BLOCKS now drop component parts, such as LEAF blocks droping sticks and leaves.
  • 4) Torches and Jack O’ Ianterns now burnout, but can be re-lit with furnace/flint&steel.
  • 5) Added a few items such as Hammers Scythes Glowstone Torches, and Obsidian tools
  • 6) Now that blocks drop component parts, now drop rates are tied to tools giving gold tools a high “fortune”
  • 7) Tools are no longer crafted with full blocks, instead smaller parts of blocks are used.
  • 8) Added tool tiers to every tool, requiring tools made or better materials for certain jobs.
  • 9) ^More on the tool tiers… Stone picks can’t break stone blocks, and wood axes can’t cut wood logs.
  • 10) Gave HOES another use, now they are used like crowbars, to pry blocks like chests off the ground.


  • Hammers are used to break blocks into easier to collect blocks.
  • Hammers are needed if you are wanting to collect more stone but can’t find enough rocks.
  • Wooden hammers are slow, but can crack stone into cobble, which is harvestable with wood/stone picks.


  • Currently Scythes are incomplete, however the plan is that they are needed for quick harvesting.
  • In the future punching wheat will take forever and you will get less from it.
  • Scythes of increasing quality will give more for food from each harvest than simply hand picking.

Glowstone Torches

  • Glowstone torches are permanant light source, although not as good as glowstone blocks.
  • The are somewhere in between normal torches and redstone torches

Obsidian tools

  • Obsidian tools have a base minimum durability of stone tools, however the are as fast as diamond.
  • HOWEVER the are the opposite of gold tools, since gold tools give you bonus drops, obsidian give none.
  • Obsidian tools giving no drops may sound bad, however their speed and possible infinite durability makes up for that.
  • You heard me right, obsidian tools can last forever, even though they are as durable as stone.
  • How you may ask… well they drain a tiny bit of exp to auto repair themselves [CURRENTLY ONLY SWORDS]

Tips on how to survive

  • You start without any tools, and you can’t just punch down a tree anymore.
  • This mod requires that you use the right tool for the job. [kinda like adventure mode]

All hope is not lost:

  • 1) Sticks can be collected by breaking leaf blocks. [or collected off the ground from world gen]
  • 2) Rocks can be found randomly in the world[you make stone tools with rocks, not cobblestone BLOCKS]
  • 3) Stone picks cannot break solid stone blocks, instead you need to crack the stone with any hammer
  • 4) Ores now drop as fragments and are smelted into nuggets, the drop rate is based on the tool used.
  • 5) Gold tools have the highest ore drop rate giving them a sort of inherent fortune[woot useful gold tools]

Other tips

  • 1) You may want to stay mobile early game, since you can’t just dig straight to bedrock on the first day.
  • 2) USE A HOE… really, now hoes are commonly used sorta like crowbars. They pick up chests and stuff
  • [Most artificial objects placed by the player are picked up using hoes of various materials]
  • 3) Breaking resilient blocks drains a proportional amount of energy from your stamina, keep this in mind.
  • 4) ALWAYS bring food with you when mining, for ^THIS^ reason. The drain is based on difficulty btw
  • 5) Some of the crafting recipes have been changed.



  • Download and install Modloader
  • Delete META-INF file
  • Download TweaKrafT Mod
  • Drag and drop files from “TweaKrafT Mod” into “Minecraft.jar”
  • Close “Minecraft.jar” and run minecraft!

For Minecraft 1.5.1

For Minecraft 1.4.2

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