This is not an ordinary modpack. This is a modpack for API’s! A lot of API’s in one! You will almost never have to download any other API’s in order to play a mod you like.

  • Minecraft Forge Made by Lexmanos, Eloraam, SpaceToad and the Forgedev team
  • FML Made by cpw and the FML team
  • PlayerApi Made by Divisor
  • RenderPlayerApi Made by Divisor
  • ModOptionsApi Made by Clintonio and updated by WyrdOne
  • SchematicAPI Made by Elconquistador
  • CodeChickenCore Made by Chicken_Bones
  • TheBombzenAPI Made by TheBombzen
  • FBalazs’s API Made by FBalazs
  • GuiApi Made by Lawhran and ShaRose
  • LiteLoader Made by Mumfrey
  • denLib Made by Denoflions
  • SettingsAPI Made by Quintinity

Installation instructions:

  • Make sure you have a clean jar. Also make sure that your “mods” folder is empty.
  • Open your minecraft.jar.
  • Drag all the files from “Drag this into minecraft.jar first” into minecraft.jar.
  • Then drag all the files from “Drag this into minecraft.jar afterwards” into minecraft.jar…
  • Then, you start your minecraft!

Note that the first time you start you have to wait more than usual for Minecraft to start. And when you create/load a world for the first time you also have to wait longer than usual.

Installing Optifine after this is recommended. Just drag all the Optifine files into the jar after installing this.

For Minecraft 1.5.1

For Minecraft 1.4.7

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