Ultimate Coin Addon (1.19) enables players to incorporate 8 distinct types of coins with varying values and tiers into their game, making it possible to establish economic systems on both small servers/realms with friends and on larger servers.


This is an addon that introduced coins to Minecraft, created by Cubenomenon in 2019, was once quite popular but has since faded into obscurity. However, a recent update to the add-on revives it by updating the recipes, and textures and adding new coins such as copper, emerald, iron, amethyst, gold, diamond, sculk, and netherite, which are available in both piled and individual forms.

To get the coins, you only have to put the respective material you need in the furnace or in the blast furnace, so you will get a pile of coins of the material you need.

Item to coin:

  • If you need to convert the coins to the original material, just put them back in the furnace or blast furnace.

Coin to item:

  • Also, you can convert the coins into their individual versions or make them again in their piled versions.

Pile to coin:

Coin to pile:

  • And for when you need to convert the coin piles into their higher or lower value versions, you just need some blaze powder and gunpowder and follow the next recipes for the coins, depending on the value you need.

Upgrade coins:

Downgrade coins:

Installation Note:

  • When you download the addon on your device, if it’s for PC (Win10/Win11), you just have to open the file and it will be installed immediately, if it is for Pocket Edition, you will have to go to your file explorer to open the add-on and execute it in the game.

How to install:

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Ultimate Coin Addon (1.19) Download Links

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.19

mcaddon: Download from server 1Download from server 2

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