Introducing Uncharted Territory

The objective of a CTM map is to collect 16 blocks of coloured wool from around Uncharted Territory 3 map, exploring different and dangerous areas filled with custom monsters, loot, traps and more! Secure the wool, along with an Iron, Gold and Diamond block and place them upon your Wool Monument to secure your victory!

Uncharted Territory 3 Map:

  • Uncharted Territory 3 for Minecraft 1.6.2 or above
  • Featuring unique custom mobs and gameplay, challenging and beautiful areas, and yet another monument for you to complete
  • If you are playing on a server: Command blocks must be enabled.
  • Difficulty: Medium (progressive easy -> hard)
  • Length: Long

Uncharted Territory 3 Map Screenshots:

Download links for Uncharted Territory 3:

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