About Vampire Survival Map

Vampire Survival is a custom Minecraft PvP map that uses the latest snapshot.

At the start of the game, 1 player is assigned to be the vampire and the other players are town guards.

As a vampire, the goal is to kill all guards within 15 minutes.


The vampire are invisible, very fast but also pretty weak and they can respawn instantly.

Everytime a vampire kills a guard, his inventory gets cleared and respawn as a vampire.



Vampires can unlock special items such has spiders, better swords and potions when they kill a villager.

Villagers spawn every 3 minutes or so, a beacon light will appear to show their position.

As a guard, you need to defend your team, the villagers and yourself.

Server Settings

  • enable-command-block=true
  • view-distance=15
  • spawn-monsters=false
  • spawn-animals=false

How to start Vampire Survival Map

You must choose the first vampire, it can be random or selected (see butons in game).

As soon as it’s done, the other players have about 1m30s to click guard. Otherwise they will be stuck in the waiting room.

Remove the vampire buttons if you want to avoid confusion, put it back when everyone is ready.

I do NOT recommend this map for public servers, if ONE guard leaves the game and don’t come back, it will bug the game and the guards will win the game by default after the time expires.

Download links for Vampire Survival Map:


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