Get ready to be transported to a dynamic and vibrant Minecraft world with Vanilla Twilight Addon (1.20)! You’ll be immersed in a living, breathing environment where mischievous goblins raid your gardens and snack on your livestock. Meanwhile, the villagers undergo a mysterious transformation into fierce werewolves, making your world more alive and interactive than ever before!


The goblins:


  • Goblins can naturally appear anywhere in the overworld. In the daytime, on the grass just like animals!

What Goblins Do:

  • Goblins have a range of actions, different for each type of goblin. Each goblin type has a subtype, there are 6 types of goblins and 3 subtypes of each.
  • They can pick up items and move to your unprotected garden to start plundering.
  • Goblins can eat a wide range of foods, gaining a regeneration effect for the eating duration.
  • Certain items like rotten flesh, pufferfish, and poisonous potatoes can be harmful to goblins if eaten.
  • There’s a possibility that goblins may survive the ingestion of harmful items, similar to players occasionally consuming such foods without experiencing their effects.
  • When the goblin’s health drops to 1/3, it will enter panic mode, fleeing from anything it deems as an aggressor. (Can no longer heal passively when running away.)

Hostile to:

  • Goblins will target animals such as cows, pigs, rabbits, chickens, sheep, mooshrooms, baby turtles, and wolves (if tamed and leashed) within a radius of 35 blocks.
  • Goblins are not particularly fond of players, especially those who are not well-equipped for combat. They will go after players who do not have specific armor or weapons like iron, diamond, or netherite gear. Even a player who’s carrying a wooden sword or a stick is safe.

Different Types of Goblins:

Not all goblins are alike. There are subtypes for each type like “Barehand Peasant,” “Club Peasant,” and “Knife Peasant.” Each type has its unique health, attack damage, and movement speed.

Peasant Goblins

  • The goblins of the goblins.

Barehand Peasant:

  • Health: 10 (out of 10) (Very Low)
  • Attack Damage: 3 (Average)
  • Movement Speed: 0.3 (Average)

The Barehand Peasant relies on sheer shallow grit and agility to navigate the tumultuous world it inhabits.

Crude Peasant:

  • Health: 15 (out of 15) (Low)
  • Attack Damage: 3 (Average)
  • Movement Speed: 0.28 (Average)

Brandishing a crude yet effective club, the Crude Peasant is a force to be reckoned with.

Shank Peasant:

  • Health: 10 (out of a maximum of 10) (Very Low)
  • Attack Damage: 4 (Above Average)
  • Movement Speed: 0.35 (Swift)

A cunning adversary, the Shank Peasant embodies the artistry of combat with its swift and lethal maneuvers.

Scout Goblins

Goblins with exceptional agility and strategies to offer, elevate goblin mischief to new strategic heights in your adventures.

Seed-shooter Scout:

Can rapidly shoot seeds that slow its target briefly.

  • Health: 10 (out of a maximum of 10) (Very Low)
  • Projectile Damage: 1 (Extremely Low)- Mob effect: Slowness I- Duration: 1 second
  • Movement Speed: 0.4 (Fast)

Swift and cunning, the Seed-shooter Scout darts through the shadows, peppering its foes with rapid seed volleys.

Manhunter Scout:

Can shoot darts that poisons its target.

  • Health: 10 (out of a maximum of 10) (Very Low)
  • Projectile Damage: 2 (Low)- Mob effect: Poison 1- Duration: 3 seconds
  • Movement Speed: 0.4 (Fast)

The Manhunter Scout’s poison darts inflict a venomous grip, leaving victims weakened and vulnerable to the relentless pursuit of this sinister goblin.

Camouflage Scout:

Can turn invisible when reloading, reappearing instantly after shooting.

  • Health: 10 (out of a maximum of 10) (Very Low)
  • Projectile Damage: 4 (Above Average)
  • Movement Speed: 0.4 (Fast)

Masters of deception, the Camouflage Scouts seamlessly blend into their surroundings, vanishing from sight as they reload for a devastating surprise attack.

Berserker Goblins

Goblins with a formidable health pool erupt into a furious rampage when a quarter of their health is lost. In this enraged state, it excels on dealing damage, posing a significant threat if left unchecked.

Brawler Berserker:

When enraged, it can leap unto its enemy, closing the distance with an aggressive and forceful assault.

  • Health: 20 (out of a maximum of 20) (Average)
  • Attack Damage: 5 (Average)
  • Movement Speed: 0.3 (Fast)
  • Berserk Mode:- Movement Speed: 0.3 > 0.35 (Swift)- Berserk Ability: It can now leap to its enemy, closing the distance.

Unarmed and ready to rumble, the Brawler hits you with meaningful strikes. Its body as a weapon, the Brawler can lunge into the air and slam with a debilitating bang.

Skull-basher Berserker:

When enraged, it gains a massive attack speed bonus and unleashes flurries of devastating attacks capable of leaving its enemies concussed and vulnerable.

  • Health: 20 (out of a maximum of 20) (Average)
  • Attack Damage: 5 (Average)
  • Movement Speed: 0.3 (Fast)
  • Berserk Mode:- Movement Speed: 0.3 > 0.35 (Swift)- Berserk Ability: Can now attack 2 times per second and slows its enemies.

Rude and wild, Skull-bashers decimate their foes with devastating blows. Utilizing a pair of stolen maces, they pack a meaner punch than most.

Savage Berserker:

When enraged, every time it attacks it whirls its blade, inflicting damage upon enemies on its area.

  • Health: 20 (out of a maximum of 20) (Average)
  • Attack Damage: 4 (Average)
  • Movement Speed: 0.3 (Fast)
  • Berserk Mode:- Movement Speed: 0.3 > 0.35 (Swift)- Berserk Ability: Attacks now damage enemies 1.5 blocks around it.

Wielding a pair of rusty and nicked hatchets, the Savage Berserker shreds flesh into chunks. Be wary of its whirlwind spin attack, as you may find yourself stuck in a cyclone of pain.


In the realm of adventure, Kobolds emerge as cunning companions, found both individually and in lively parties.


  • They can be encountered in the Plains and underground.
  • Kobolds can be found either individually or in Kobold Parties, consisting of three Kobolds.

Kobold Party

  • Kobold Party consists of three Kobolds: two followers and one leader.
  • The leader has a distinctive Bell Icon hovering above its head.
  • Each Leading Kobold in the party has a specific trade specialization:
    1. Shiba-Inu Kobold:
      • Trades tools.
    2. English Bulldog Kobold:
      • Trades armor.
    3. Wolf Kobold:
      • Trades weapons.
  • Players can engage in trades with the leader of the Kobold Party.
  • Trades are similar to Villagers, and items are provided without the need for leveling up the Kobold. However, trades may be more expensive compared to standard trades.

Hostile to:

  • Kobolds are generally not aggressive but will retaliate if attacked.

Different Types of Kobolds:

  • Lone Kobolds can become your loyal companions when tamed with Raw Rabbit. Once befriended, these Kobold allies can be given armor and healed using Meat Items.

Shiba-Inu Kobold:

  • When equipped with an Iron Chestplate, provides a Swiftness Aura to the player within 9 blocks, granting a Speed Buff.

English Bulldog Kobold:

  • When equipped with an Iron Chestplate, gives a Toughness Aura to the player within 6 blocks, providing a Resistance Buff.

Wolf Kobold:

  • When equipped with an Iron Chestplate, offers a Packleader’s Aura to the player within 6 blocks, granting a Strength Buff.

Installation Note:

  • Make sure you turn on the Experimental Gameplay.

How to install:

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