vault is a block found in trial chambers. It dispenses loot when unlocked using a trial key. Each vault can only be unlocked once per player.


Active Unlocking

Ejecting Inactive




A vault can be broken but it does not drop itself as an item and takes an extended amount of time to break. It can only be obtained via the creative menu or the /give command.

Hardness 50

Breaking time (sec)

Default 2.25

Natural generation

In trial chambers, vaults can generate naturally in all rooms that also contain trial spawners, as well as the entrance room. Blocks of copper and chiseled copper generate in a 3×3 area underneath every vault.


When a player is within 4.0 blocks of the vault, it becomes active and begins emitting flame particles inside of it. If the player has not unlocked the vault before, an stream of orange particles will flow from the player to the vault’s keyhole when the player is within 4.5 blocks. The vault will become inactive if there are no players within 4.5 blocks who have not unlocked the vault.

When active, a vault idly cycles between items once every second, visually displaying the current item inside the block. Each time the vault cycles to a new item, the item is randomly chosen from the loot table. Small orange particles also appear in front of the vault as if they were being sucked into the keyhole.

When a trial key is used on a vault, it will eject items. Items are ejected one stack at a time with a burst of particles for each stack.

When the vault is done ejecting items, it becomes inactive until another player approaches it.

Each vault can only be unlocked once per player. The vault is intended to reward each player for completing each trial chamber one time. This gives every player in a world the opportunity to find their own loot without having to travel substantial distances to find undiscovered loot at a fresh structure.

Each vault keeps track of up to 128 unique players that have opened the vault. If another player opens the vault, the first known player who opened the vault is forgotten, and can open the vault again.


The vault uses the trial chambers reward loot table by default. This loot table is temporary and will be completely revised as development continues[1]. When activated, the vault will eject the loot of one trial chambers reward container. This means it will eject items 2-6 times.

In Java Edition and Bedrock Edition, each trial chambers reward container contains 2–6 item stacks, with the following distribution:

[1] “Minecraft Snapshot 24w05a”

Item Stack Size Weight Chance Avg.per container Avg.containers to loot
 Enchanted Book[F] 1 12110 36.2% 0.436 2.8
 Emerald 2–6 8110 25.6% 1.164 3.9
 Iron Horse Armor 1 8110 25.6% 0.291 3.9
Damaged Shield[G] 1 6110 19.8% 0.218 5.0
 Saddle 1 6110 19.8% 0.218 5.0
 Enchanted Iron Axe[H] 1 6110 19.8% 0.218 5.0
 Enchanted Iron Pickaxe[H] 1 6110 19.8% 0.218 5.0
 Enchanted Iron Shovel[H] 1 6110 19.8% 0.218 5.0
 Enchanted Iron Helmet[H] 1 6110 19.8% 0.218 5.0
 Enchanted Iron Chestplate[H] 1 6110 19.8% 0.218 5.0
 Enchanted Iron Leggings[H] 1 6110 19.8% 0.218 5.0
 Enchanted Iron Boots[H] 1 6110 19.8% 0.218 5.0
 Golden Horse Armor 1 6110 19.8% 0.218 5.0
 Enchanted Book[I] 1 5110 16.8% 0.182 6.0
 Enchanted Crossbow[H] 1 3110 10.4% 0.109 9.6
Enchanted Golden Apple 1 3110 10.4% 0.109 9.6
 Diamond Horse Armor 1 3110 10.4% 0.109 9.6
 Enchanted Diamond Axe[H] 1 3110 10.4% 0.109 9.6
 Enchanted Diamond Chestplate[H] 1 3110 10.4% 0.109 9.6
 Diamond 1–3 2110 7.0% 0.145 14.2

[F] Enchanted with a random level of Sharpness, Bane of Arthropods, Efficiency, Fortune, Silk Touch, or Feather Falling.
[G] The item has between 15% and 80% of its total durability.
[H] Enchantment probabilities are the same as a level-10 to level-20 enchantment would be on an enchantment table that was able to apply treasure enchantments (except Soul Speed, and Swift Sneak), and where the chance of multiple enchantments is not reduced.
[I] Enchanted with a random level of Mending, Riptide, Loyalty, Channeling, or Impaling.

Data values


Java Edition:

Name Identifier Form Translation Key
Vault vault Block & Item block.minecraft.vault

Name Identifier
Block entity vault

Block States

Name Default value Allowed values Description
farcing north east
The direction the vault faces.

The opposite from the direction the player faces while placing the vault.

vault_state inactive inactive
When no players who have not used the vault are nearby
When a player who has not used the vault is nearby
Prior to reward ejection
While ejecting reward
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