Visualize Enchanted Book Texture Pack (1.20) makes it easier to identify enchanted books by changing their textures according to their enchantment, similar to Xali’s Enchanted Book for Bedrock Edition.



  • Adding different textures at each level:

  • Removing ^0^ from the anvil, and the texture of the enchanted book follows its upgrade level:


  • It is recommended to use the Optimized subpack.



  • Do not change the name ‘Enchanted Book’

Installation Note:

  • It is more recommended for mobile users (Android/iOS) as there is a slight flicker issue on PC when picking up items.
  • This may conflict with other UI packs (please install it on top).

  • For the hotbar, it currently only activates on the highlighted/main-hand item.

  • Do not wonder why the item in hand and dropped item do not change, as this is only the Item Renderer.

How to install:

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Visualize Enchanted Book Texture Pack (1.20) Download Links

For Java Edition

xali’s Enchanted Books Resource Pack

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.20

mcpack: Download from server 1Download from server 2

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