This is a new mod which adds a ton of stuff, Wands that do cool stuff, dangerous mobs, new ores to mine and new tools to craft! It adds a dimension which i am working on it right now, and it adds laser guns which will be improved in the future



  • Crafting Wand: Portable crafting table, useful when mining, when your pick is broken[GUI opens on right click]
  • Lava Wand: Places a Lava block [On Right Click]
  • Teleporting Wand: Works like an ender pearl but you don’t take damage and it does not consume ender pearls
  • Advanced Teleporting Wand: teleports you to a certain coordinate [on shift + right click][GUI opens on right click]
  • Thunder Wand: Spawns a thunder
  • Advanced Thunder Wand: spawns a thunder, you choose where it will spawn and when
  • BSC Wand: Changes sand to glass, dirt to grass, gravel to sand, cobble to stone [More ‘recipes’ will be added in the future]
  • Farming Wand: Tiles a 5×5 Area with a water block on the center
  • Health Wand: when your health is low it will regenerate your life if you are holding it in your hand
  • Explosion Wand: Shoots a bullet which makes an explosion
  • [WIP]Advanced Explosion Wand: Spawns a Bomb, you can explode it with this wand from anywhere.
  • Torch Wand: Places a torch on right click [Maybe I’ll fusion this wand with the crafting wand and i’ll add the Utility Wand]
  • [May be added in the Future]Manual Flying Wand: every time you right click with this wand it will teleport you 1 block higher
  • [May be added in the Future]Automated Flying Wand: Let’s you fly like in creative.

Laser Guns:

There are 5 Colors:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Purple

Ores, Tools and Armor:

This Mod Adds the following Ores:

  • Baze Ore: it is 10 times rarer than diamond. the tools are very effective and has unlimited durability [Recipes will be changed in the future maybe in the next version]
  • Infernal Ore: It is more common than Baze Ore but rarer than diamond.
  • Shadow Ore: it is as common as Diamond
  • Titanium Ore & Platinum Ore: they spawn together, they are rarer than iron but more common than diamond, they are not very efficient but their durability is high
  • Emerald Ore: Common as iron, And a little more effective than iron it will be changed to jade ore
  • Sapphire Ore: Common as iron, and tools are as effective as emerald, their durability is around diamond and iron
  • Ruby Ore: Common as Sapphire, and Tools are a bit more effective than Sapphire.
  • Water Ore: Not so efficient and water tool’s durability is very low
  • Rogium Ore: it is very common, and their tool’s efficiency is around stone and iron
  • Arium Ore
  • Hilium Ore
  • Drakeum Ore
  • Ocium Ore
  • Silvium Ore


  • Mummy
  • Exo Golem
  • Exo Guardian
  • Exo Reaper
  • Dark Anubis
  • Demon[WIP]
  • Imp
  • Robot
  • 1HFM
  • Chip
  • Headphones
  • Mobputer




  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Delete META-INF file
  • Download Wands and Ores Mod
  • Put zip file into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Do not unzip it.
  • Done

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