WaterBlock 4 is a CTM map created by Lore44. This is the next part of WaterBlock series. You can check out the first, the second and the third map of this series. This map was inspired by the SkyBlock but with substantial differences:

  1. In place of the void, we have a boundless ocean in which the various islands of the small archipelago float, with hidden baskets and many original resources.
  2. There is no scarcity of resources and there are no things that cannot be obtained in quantity through farming or trade.
  3. Hub to access in adventure mode, where to explore and carry out many exchanges (several hundred) of useful, rare or special objects.
  4. Ten bosses with difficulty growing one by one with custom drop and custom exchanges dedicated to them (plus 2 more new bosses with 1.14 features).
  5. Each boss can be tackled several times, it is enough to evoke it by offering the right tribute in the basket.
  6. Objectives (missions) also through repeatable exchanges and also with custom rewards.
  7. Mob-griefing and fire-griefing OFF.
  8. Also usable for servers, teleporters work for all players in the server.

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  • Complete each mission (those of nature, mobs, and animals, with which you can buy decorations and useful objects in the mission hub), defeat all bosses (there are 10 of them, find books with advice and shops for bosses in the hub boss). and then complete the monument.
  • (Optional) Obtain all mission shop reviews.
  • (Optional) obtain all the boss shop recalls.
  • (Optional and very challenging) to get all the objects and wells of the mage of the item and the mage of the potion.


WaterBlock 4 Map Screenshots (1) WaterBlock 4 Map Screenshots (2) WaterBlock 4 Map Screenshots (3) WaterBlock 4 Map Screenshots (4) WaterBlock 4 Map Screenshots (5) WaterBlock 4 Map Screenshots (6) WaterBlock 4 Map Screenshots (7) WaterBlock 4 Map Screenshots (8) WaterBlock 4 Map Screenshots (9)



  • Please do not play on any other version or it may not work!
  • You should set Render Distance to 12 or upper.
  • Avoid using bugs or using the creative if possible.
  • Forbidden to use ender pearl, chorus fruit, commands or bugs to go where not allowed or in a different mode from the adventure (for the various hubs and for the fight bosses) and to the survival for the islands of departure.
  • Since teleporters work for all online players, avoid being in any size other than the overword when they are activated as we do not know where the end or nether could end up.
  • Beware of activating with arrows, tridents, snowballs … the buttons of the teleporters will otherwise be activated (in reality if you wish it could also be a method to escape from difficult situations, skip pieces of parkour, etc …, see if you use this ” trick ” or not)
  • If you intend to avoid the (little) parkour present in the map with ender pearl or with the elytra, pay attention to the invisible barriers that could ruin your plans (the little parkour present is very easy, but if you really can’t and want it to avoid it with ender pearl tested first the trajectory with an arrow, a trident, etc …).
  • In 1.14 a bug was introduced with teleporters that I can’t completely solve, in case you find yourself stuck somewhere because of it I suggest you use the spectator mode to get back to the point where you wanted to teleport and then return to mode adventure.

How to install:

  1. Please visit the following link for full instructions: How To Download & Install Minecraft Maps

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For Minecraft 1.15.1

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