This mini-mod adds a pair of wings wearable by the player. It did not take that much time to program so its pretty basic. When worn, the wings will slow your fall and eliminate fall damage. however if you want to fall at the normal speed, sneaking will allow you to fall normally but then exposes you to fall damage from whatever hight you began to sneak at, to avoid this let go of the sneak button right before you hit the ground. but where the wings come in handy is they let you “Flap” 3 times while airborne by hitting the jump button. Flapping will lift you a few blocks higher to increase your flight distance but this will also damage your armor by 1 point. the current wings are made out of leather and only have around 80 damage point so use your flight ability wisely. This armor functions like Leather Armor so it can be both dyed and repaired exactly like leather armor. The wings will not work in creative mode because you already can fly. Currently the ID of the Wing-pack is 5000 and the config is not working




Its a very simple recipe because you don’t get too many uses out of it.

WingCraft Mod


  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download WingCraft Mod
  • Drop WingCraft mod jar file into mods folder in your .minecraft
  • Enjoy

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