Winter House Map (1.20.6, 1.20.1) is a house map created by Ultim4teRuffles. Nestled in the tranquil landscape of Montana, near the picturesque Idaho border, the Winter House stands as a cozy retreat from the chill. This two-story rural abode exudes warmth and charm, boasting four inviting bedrooms and crackling fireplaces on both levels. Embracing the quintessential American rural architecture, its white-painted exterior walls and black asphalt roof evoke a timeless charm. Step inside to discover a meticulously decorated interior, where thoughtful color schemes create an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation. Outside, snow-covered paths lead to the backyard, where a frozen pool awaits beneath the watchful gaze of a cheerful snowman. Experience the serenity of winter in the embrace of the Winter House’s rustic allure.


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