In the captivating digital universe, one portal stands tall as a beacon of joy: our server. Rooted in the belief that fun takes center stage, our server aims to weave a tapestry of enjoyable experiences for every guest, resident, and veteran participant.

First Step Into Our World: The Guest Experience

Stepping into our server’s vibrant digital playground, every newcomer is initially introduced as a guest. This status is more than just a title—it represents the start of an engaging journey, a virtual odyssey filled with countless discoveries. Rest assured, you’re not an outsider here. Rather, you’re a valued participant in a rich, diverse community, where every voice matters.

From Guests to Residents: A Seamless Transition

With just a minimum playtime of five minutes, guests are effortlessly transitioned to residents. This transformation is akin to evolving from a newcomer to an integral part of our server’s vibrant community. As a resident, you’ll gain more rights and enjoy a level of interaction that makes your virtual experience even more immersive.

Join the Conversation: Resident Chat

Each resident is automatically assigned to the resident chat. Picture this as your virtual living room, where you can share, discuss, and delve into topics that tickle your fancy. It’s not just a chat—it’s a place where friendships are forged, ideas are exchanged, and exciting experiences are shared.

Server Information

Author:  Woody Team

Server name: Woody

Server Location: Germany

Minecraft Platform: Java

Supported Version: 1.17.1 – 1.20.1

Game types: Economy, Hardcore, PvE, PvP, Skyblock, Survival

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Server Features

  • An Egalitarian Digital World: No Ranks, Just Equality
    • Taking a conscious departure from the usual online hierarchies, we have decided to do away with ranks. This is more than a decision; it’s our commitment to promoting an environment where everyone is on the same playing field. The focus here is not on the ranks you hold but on the contributions you make and the fun you have!
  • The Power of Equality: Universal Rights
    • In our server, each participant—be it a guest or resident—is granted an equal share of rights and responsibilities. You will have equal access to all the features, allowing for a truly democratic and fair online experience. Our mission is simple: to uphold everyone’s right to equal treatment.

In-game Features


This game mode presents a realm where each day is a quest for survival, a challenge against the elements. Here, you will gather resources, craft your tools, and build your shelter to withstand the night’s perils. Every block you break, every item you craft, is a testament to your survival skills. Danger lurks in every corner, making teamwork with fellow residents a key to thrive. Experience the thrill of survival like never before in our challenging yet engaging landscapes.

  • Features in Survival gamemode:
    • Plot World
    • Free Build World
    • Mining World
    • Player Shops
    • And much more!


This mode is a boundless canvas for your creativity, offering unlimited resources at your disposal. Whether you’re an architect aiming to construct magnificent structures, or a dreamer creating beautiful art, this mode has no limits. Build sprawling cities, intricate contraptions, or just a cosy little cottage—the only limit is your imagination. Collaborate with fellow residents and create a world that is a true reflection of your creativity.


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