XCommands is a continuation of SinglePlayerConsole. It adds new features, not possible in SinglePlayerConsole. This is a universal mod – so can be installed on client or server.


  • Console GUI, accessed with ‘~’
  • WorldEdit support
  • 70+ new commands


Using with MagicLauncher

Console GUI

Console GUI Documentation:

Type in console commands without requiring ‘/c ‘

For example, ‘/c /noclip’ becomes ‘/noclip’

Regular commands require a ‘!’ after the first ‘/’

For example, ‘/waypoint list’ becomes ‘/!waypoint list’

The WorldEdit command ‘//wand’ becomes ‘/!/wand’

XCC also provides several inbuilt commands, these are provided through a ‘/!’ command.

Inbuilt commands

  • /! display list of inbuilt commands
  • /! clearhistory clear console history
  • /! pause causes console GUI to pause game while open
  • /! version displays console version


  • Escape close console GUI
  • Enter process entered text and close GUI
  • Backspace deletes previous character
  • Delete deletes following character
  • Left arrow move cursor left
  • Right arrow move cursor right
  • Up arrow view earlier command history
  • Down arrow view later command history


  • Left-click input selected command suggestion
  • Right-click clear text and input ‘/!’

XCC is still in early development. The following features are incomplete:

  • Clipboard support (currently you can only paste)
  • Text selection (not yet implemented)
  • Descriptions for vanilla commands
  • Undo (not possible to undo paste)
  • Automatic command description trimming

(command descriptions ‘overflow’ if they’re too long)


  • If using MagicLauncher, simply make sure XCommands is loaded first.
  • To manually install XCommands, first install Minecraft Forge
  • Then you will need to add all of XCommands’ files to minecraft.jar (or minecraft_server.jar)
  • If you have installed it on a client, make sure to delete META-INF.

For Minecraft 1.5.2

For Minecraft 1.5.1

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