Here is some informations about You Are Herobrine Mod for Minecraft Frostburn that you can need before download it


  • Tame Spider
  • add structure steve house
  • add new blocks and new tree
  • add necronomicon tomo I, II, III,IV,V
  • add InvisibleOre
  • add IceRubyOre
  • add corazon armor
  • add steve egg
  • add hunter egg
  • New mob Hunter
  • Now can kill steve
  • Play as herobrine
  • Live in the night
  • The sun burns you
  • Eat rotten flesh makes you resistant to burns
  • The zombies dont attack you
  • The sipders dont attack you
  • you can breathe underwater
  • The villagers drops Corazon
  • Eating Corazon gives you 30 points of health
  • A mod hard (a challenge survive)
  • Creeper with the sun burns
  • Corazon tier tools
  • EvilDiamond tiers tools
  • New recipes and tools
  • Sleep in the day





  • Download and install ModLoader.
  • Go into your .minecraft/bin folder and open minecraft.jar with an archiving program like WinRAR.
  • Open YAH MOD with the same program.
  • Drag all the files from YAH MOD into minecraft.jar.
  • Make sure the META-INF folder is deleted in minecraft.jar.
  • Run Minecraft!

Download Links for You Are Herobrine Mod:

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