This shader is one of the most underrated and best-looking Minecraft Bedrock Shader. YSSBE Shader (1.19, 1.18) is an ultra-realistic MCPE shader, it will also work on Windows 10 edition. So, it’s a Minecraft Windows 10 edition shader as well. This shader has an optimized version as well so you can have it as your MCPE no-lag shader. This shader has features such as waving water, water reflection, sun reflection, block reflection, sun and cloud reflection on water and blocks, realistic lighting, and much more features.


Installation Note:

If you want to use more material packs, please open mcpack to see the description of the PBR standard, which may help you to better transplant material packs for your own use. However, do not distribute a ported material package without the permission of the original author of the material package.

The new version of YSS is very demanding of the configuration, you want a more smooth game experience, you can do this.

  • 1. Turn off the parallax function, which consumes a lot of performance.
  • 2. Modify or turn off clouds and water surfaces
  • 3. Replacement of water surface style.
  • 4. Close fine images in the game.

YSSBE Shader (1.19, 1.18) Download Links

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