This mod is in it’s early stages and may have bugs, if you find any be sure to leave a comment for me and others to know about. This mod adds a giant zombie boss fight, a crafting recipe for a zombie skull, new gem, and a new tool set.


To spawn the zombie you will have to have 2 emerald and lapis block along with the zombie boss head.

The giant boss spawns with 200 health, and randomly spawns smaller zombies.


When the giant zombie is killed it will drop these item.

Zombie Boss Mod

Zombie Boss Mod


This is the main block you need to make the giant zombie head.

Zombie Boss Mod

To craft the zombie head you are going to need a wither skull.

Zombie Boss Mod

To make the zombite gem you will need 1 diamond 2 zombite and 6 rotten flesh

Zombie Boss Mod

With the zombite gem you can create any of the following items. These items are a little better than diamond and last longer than diamond.

Zombie Boss Mod


  • Download and install Modloader
  • Download Zombie Boss Mod
  • Drag and drop files from “Zombie Boss Mod” into “Minecraft.jar”
  • Delete META-INF file
  • Close “Minecraft.jar” and run minecraft!

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