GrowthCraft is a compilation of mods created by the one developer which aims to add more features and improve the agriculture/farming aspect of Mojang’s game MineCraft™ while still keeping its simplicity and avoiding overcomplicating it.

The plants added to the game are carefully designed that they are not just exact copies of the vanilla plants or other plants added by this modpack. The developer aims to create a unique experience and/or hobby in farming the plants and on the same time avoiding repetitiveness. The same thing can be also said with the harvest from the plants, they are not simply used as foods but can be crafted into other items which will either aid the player in his/her adventures or escalate fun in the game while still keeping the game balance in play.

GrowthCraft Core

GrowthCraft Core: Booze

GrowthCraft Cellar

GrowthCraft Rice

GrowthCraft Bamboo

GrowthCraft Grapes

GrowthCraft Fishnet

GrowthCraft Flowers

GrowthCraft Apples

GrowthCraft Hops

GrowthCraft Minis

GrowthCraft Mods 1.6.4/1.5.2, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings