Update: A ‘b' snapshot has been released


  • Console Command and Set Console for Block in Command Block merges when in windowed mode
  • Placing Water Source into some blocks yields no drops
  • 3D Anaglyph Biome Colour Corruption
  • Water/Lava from Bucket replacing Ladder
  • Objective health does not update with health boost effect
  • Knockback Resistance Attribute Doesn't Prevent Knockback from Fall Damage
  • Crash with the mcmeta reading of unicode font
  • Minecraft crash on clicking the “Texture pack” button
  • Text misplaced on Direct connect, Rename World screen

To get the snapshot, use the new launcher available in the link below. To return to 1.5.2, simply start the old launcher and play as normal.

Windows: Server 1 DownloadServer 2 Download

MAC/OSX: Server 1 DownloadServer 2 Download

Linux: Server 1 DownloadServer 2 Download

Server files:

Cross-platform jar:

Windows EXE: