This is a Not Enough Items plugin that shows Forestry bee mutations and products in NEI. Works with the standard Recipe and Uses keys and left/right clicks.

Also supports any mods that add bees to forestry, including Thaumic Bees, Extra Bess, etc.



  • The mod is client side only, you can install it on a server but it will do nothing there. Any player can use it in SMP independent of the server and other players.
  • Secret mutations are hidden by default, you can enable them in the config.
  • The percentages shown are the base chance returned by Forestry, if there are any special conditions (moon phase, biome, etc.) are not taken into account.



  • Drag and drop files into “Minecraft.jar”



  • Fixed crash on bees that don’t produce anything

For 1.5.2

For 1.4.7

Credits: bdew