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Actual Guns 3D (1.17, 1.16) add-on brings high quality, 3D, fully animated guns into Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. It features 9 guns that are all balanced in their own ways and tries to bring realism into place. (Note: the addon is best recommended for Windows 10 or High-end mobile devices, It may not work properly on some low-end devices).


  • This addon requires experimental gameplay features, so make sure to turn on “Additional Modding” and “Holiday Creator features” in your world settings before playing the Add-on.
  • This add-on is a spinoff version of the add-on called “Actual Guns CSO”. From this, the add-on has gotten it’s unique prefix has “ActualGuns” instead of “Actual Guns”.
  • This add-on features 9 different firearms with their own animations for first person, third person, aiming, sprinting, shooting, reloading, you name it! It can be used in both multiplayer and singleplayer.
  • You can trade with the cleric villager to obtain the weapons!

See full list of Guns here:

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AWP (Arctic Warfare Police) – Sniper

Barrett M82A1 – Sniper

Benelli M3 – Shotgun

FN P90 – SMG

Taurus PT92 – Pistol

Chain Grenade – Throwable

MK18 – AR


M249 – LMG



Actual Guns 3D (1.17, 1.16) Download Links:

For MCPE 1.17

Download from server 1Download from server 2

For MCPE 1.16

Download from server 1Download from server 2

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