There’s nothing exciting when Fishing in vanilla Minecraft. Catching fish that only can be cooked & just eating it, no more, right? Also, they are not very worthy treasures & always have the same for a long time. It’s definitely boring for anyone. Azureculture Addon (1.20, 1.19) will make Fishing much better than before. Now fishing will become much more helpful and exciting: you can catch fish and valuable things. This addon is based on a Minecraft Java Mod named “Aquaculture 2” made by Shadowclaimer!


A Fishing Addon will Definitely Add New Fish, So Here’s the Fish:

Chances You can Catch All those Fish:

Anywhere [Except Jungle]:

  • 60% = Freshwater
  • 40% = Arid
  • 25% = Arctic


Jungle [Only Jungle]:

  • 60% = Tropical
  • 40% = Brackish
  • 25% = Mooshroom

Some Fish can be Crafted into Items:

Jellyfish can be Cooked into Slimeball…

Or Mixed with Awkward Potions to make Poison Potions…

Leech & 13% Caught In Brackish!

It can be mixed with Awkward Potions to make Instant Health Potions…

They also can be made into Splash / Lingering Variants…

But if It’s Mixed with Water Bottles, It will become a Mundane Potion!

Yummy Foods

New Fish also can be made into New Foods, like:

Fish Fillet

A Thinly Sliced Fish Meat…

It only Restores 1½ Hunger Bar…
But It’s an Efficient Way of Eating Fish!

You can Craft it with Any Fish & Have Different Amounts of Fillets Depending on Their Size:

  •  Small: 1 – 2 Fillets
  •  Medium: 3 – 6 Fillets
  •  Large: 7 – 14 Fillets
  •  Massive: Only Whale!

How to Slice it, Example with Atlantic Cod:

Frog Leg

Looks Disgusting…But the Cooked One is Delicious & Crispy!
But Just like Fish Fillet, It only Restores 1½ Hunger Bar…

How to Craft it:

Algae & Seaweed

Cuz You’ll only Get 1½ Hunger Bar if You Eat them…
But They’re Useful for the Future!

Ah Yes, You Can’t Craft them
But You can Fishing them as Edible Trash!


This Food will Restore 4 Hunger Bars…
But Best of All, Eat Once & You’ll Immediately Feel like You’re in Japan!

How to Roll it:

You Also can use Seagrass Instead of Seaweed!

Turtle Soup

It will Restore 8 Hunger Bars after Eating It, Please Don’t Be Cruel!

How to Boil All Kinds of Turtle:

Don’t Worry, You’ll Get Your Bucket Back!

Whale Steak

It’s Big… So it will Restore 5 Hunger Bars At Once!

How to Slice it:

Whale Burger

Ofc You’ll Instantly be Full with Just Eat Once!
Also for a Long Time!…

How to Pile it:

All Edible Fish can be Fed to Ocelots & Cats for Taming & Healing!
All Foods can be Cooked in Furnace, Smoker, Campfire & Soul Campfire!

Fillet Knife

This is A Tool for Cutting Fish into Fish Fillets…

How to Craft it:

Craftable as Wooden → Neptunium
Weapon-Purpose Isn’t Recommended!

Leftover Waste

To Challenge Your Fishing, There is Some Quite Useful Trash, Such As:

Driftwood, A Wood who Don’t Know Where it Came From

You can Craft Some Planks from it so It’s Useful if there are No Trees Around You…

Tin Can, Don’t Throw your Trash Carelessly…

Melt in Furnace / Blast Furnace to Get 7 Iron Nuggets At Once!

Fish Bones, A Fish That Fried Horribly…

Instead of Throwing it Away, It’s Better to Craft it into Some Bonemeals…

Precious Decoration:

There are also New Treasures that can be Fished, Such As:

Goldfish, You Better Make it into An Ornamental Fish Than You Turn It Into A Golden Nugget…

Message In A Bottle, When there is No Post Office…

Try Pulling the Clog & Read the Letter, If You’re Able to Do it!

Lucky Gacha

Here are Some Items to Test Your Luck & Get The Prize:

Box, Technically a Box Of Garbage…

Here’s What You can Scavenge:

Almost Everything is Junk, But Some are Useful if You Wise!

Lockbox, Who Don’t Know Who Locked it…

Here’s What You can Loot:

Oh…Looks Like a True Adventurer, But Who Again?

Treasure Chest, Maybe Pirates Accidentally Drowned it…

Here’s What You can Steal:

I’m Sure They’re Crying Right Now…

Ah Yes, You can Open Them the Same Way You Eat!

“Neptune’s Relics”

Isn’t Metal Only can be Obtained By Mining?


Actually Not Directly by Fishing it… You must Get Neptune’s Bounty First!
This Bounty is Very Rare by Fishing, Another Way is to Find One in the Buried Treasure!

If You Destroy the Bounty, Some Junks & 1-4 Neptunium Ingots / Random Neptunium Stuff will Dropped in Almost Completely Damaged Condition…

So… Let’s Take a Look at Anything Made of Neptunium:

Besides being Crafted into Some Nuggets / A Block, It’s can be Crafted into:

Neptunium Sword:

  • Damage = +10
  • Durability = 2500
  • Special Ability = Increase Damage Underwater!

Neptunium Axe:

  • Damage = +15
  • Durability = 2500
  • Mining Speed = +9
  • Special Ability = Increase Damage Underwater!

Neptunium Pickaxe:

  • Damage = +8
  • Durability = 2500
  • Mining Speed = +9
  • Mining Capability = Same as Netherite Pickaxe
  • Special Ability = No Penalty Underwater!

Neptunium Shovel:

  • Damage = +8.5
  • Durability = 2500
  • Mining Speed = +9
  • Special Ability = No Penalty Underwater!

Neptunium Hoe:

  • Damage = +4
  • Durability = 2500
  • Special Ability = It’s Unbreakable!

Neptunium Fillet Knife:

  • Damage = +4
  • Special Ability = Fish Fillet Bonus!

Neptunium Fishing Rod:

  • Durability = 2500
  • Special Ability = It’s Much Faster than Ever!

Enchantable with their Respective Enchantments.
Repaired with Neptunium Ingots.
Kinda Better than Netherite.

Tackle Box:

The Function is to Craft Some Fishing Stuff…

Even you Can Modify your Fishing Rods & Can’t Craft Vanilla Fishing Rod on Crafting Table Anymore!

How to Craft it:

You can Use Kelp / Algae Instead of Green Dye!

What Stuff can Be Crafted in Tackle Box?

Fishing Rod Templates:

This is the Base of Your Fishing Rod & The Name is A Lie!


Fishing Line, It’s Invisible!


This is What Makes your Fishing Rod have an Ability!

Iron Hook, Definitely Very Cheap!

Uhh… There’s No Ability & Just for Making Usual Fishing Rods…

Double Hook, Catch 1 = Get 2!

As Its Name, Why Catch 1 When you can Get 2?

Golden Hook, My Eyes Glare!

Always Brings Luck when Fishing… [Luck Of The Sea]

Redstone Hook, I’m Faster than Other!

Only Reduces the Time of Fish Caught!… [Lure]

Nether Star Hook, It’s Otherworldly!

How to Craft it: Combine Golden Hook with Nether Star

Ability: All In One!

Just Switch the Hook to Modify Your Fishing Rod!
You Can Craft Fishing Rods from Iron → Neptunium!

You’ll Still get Some Exp when Fishing with those Fishing Rods!
Piglin Sometimes Want to Holding Golden Fishing Rods, Hooks, Treasure Chests & Goldfish!

Some Recycles:

Get Leather Armor from Fishing? Just Craft It to Some Leathers!
Accidentally Craft Fillet Knife / Fishing Rod Template? Just Burn It to a Nugget…
Neptunium is Worthless? Just Burn It to a Neptunium Ingot…

“Water Dwellers”

These Fish Will Swim in Waters!

Fresh Water Fish

Arid Fish

Arctic Fish

Saltwater Fish

Tropical Fish

Mooshroom Fish


Special Fish

All Fish Drops Bonemeals Instead of Bones!

They Also have Their Own Spawn Egg & Bucket!

Example with Atlantic Cod:

Fish Traps:

Its Tiers has the Same Ability as Hooks

How to Use Them?

  • Place it Inside a 3x3x1 of Water
  • Put a Bait!
  • Wait Until it Catch Something…


Worm Farm:

Fill it with Rotten Flesh to Get a Worm!

How to Craft it: [Any Overworld Woods]

Integration with:

Installation Note:

You can Get All Items with Some Functions:

  • /function azc_fish = All Fish, Except Jungle
  • /function azc_jungle_fish = All Fish, Only From Jungle
  • /function azc_foods = All Foods
  • /function azc_boxs = All Boxes
  • /function azc_lockchests = All Lockboxs & Treasure Chests
  • /function azc_neptuniums = All Neptunium Items
  • /function azc_fishing_rods = All Fishing Rods
  • /function azc_buckets = All Fish Buckets
  • /function azc_tools = Remaining Items…

Make sure you activated all the following “Experimental Settings”:

Languages Supported:

How to install:

How To Install Mod / Addon on Minecraft PE

How To Install Texture Packs on Minecraft PE

How To Install Map on Minecraft PE

Azureculture Addon (1.20, 1.19) Download Links

For PC/Java Edition

Aquaculture 2 Mod

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.19

mcaddon: Download from server 1 – Download from server 2

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.20

Default: Download from server 1 – Download from server 2

With Itemtips: Download from server 1 – Download from server 2

No Tackle Box: Download from server 1 – Download from server 2

Neptunium Trim: Download from server 1 – Download from server 2

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