What is Better Bows Mod?

This mod adds two new bows, various new arrow types, and quivers to hold arrows and allow you to easily switch between arrow types to fire. Skeletons will spawn with this mod’s bows, with a small chance of spawning with a longbow, and a larger chance to spawn with a recurve bow.

Mod Screenshots and Recipes:

When a bow from this mod breaks, it turns into an un-stringed bow which can be pulled back like a normal bow to be re-stringed. Enchantments aren’t lost, but that may change, since enchantments are meant to be expensive.

Normal bow: This bow is basically the same as the vanilla bow.


Recurve bow: This bow fires faster arrows than the normal bow, has less durability and takes longer to pull back.


Longbow: The longbow is the longest-range bow in this mod (so far). It fires much faster arrows than the normal bow, has the same durability, and takes much longer to pull back.


Yumi: Has the same durability as the normal bow, higher power/range than the recurve bow, and takes a bit less long to pull back than the longbow. Its stats are basically between the recurve bow and the longbow, except its durability is the same as the longbow and normal bow.


Composite bow: The composite bow is the fastest-firing bow (in rate of fire) of them all. The crafting recipe is (so far) the most complicated, too. To craft it, you’ll need two rotten flesh, a water bottle, a bone, a stick, a piece of leather, and three string. The crafting recipes using all these items are below.


Bottled rotten flesh (crafted with rotten flesh, not sinew):

Hide glue:


Arrow types:


Fire arrow: Arrows that are on fire. They light blocks on fire after a fraction of a second, then burn away.

Impact explosive arrow: Explodes on impact with the ground or a mob. The explosion is quite small.

Timed explosive arrow: Explodes somewhere around 1.5 seconds after being fired. The explosion is almost the size of a creeper explosion, and is quite deadly. These arrows do not stick in entities, but bounce off.

Ender arrow: This arrow teleports whoever shoots it to where it lands. By default, these arrows will load chunks around them so they continue to fly until they land.

Torch arrow: Unlike the usual torch arrows, these will place torches wherever on a block the arrow lands. Multiple torches can go in one block. Currently there is no check to see whether a torch will conflict with another’s bounds in a block.
The torches created will interact with liquids and pistons the same as normal torches, though if a torch arrow lands in water, it shouldn’t place a torch, but instead drop a torch item.


Potion arrow: These arrows will affect whatever they hit with the effects of the potion they were crafted with.

Splitting arrows: All arrows are able to be turned into splitting arrows that can split into a number of arrows between 2 and 15 (inclusive).
To craft them, place 2 or more arrows into the crafting table along with half that number (rounded down) of string. This is a shapeless recipe, so it doesn’t matter where they are.

There is a command (/splitarrow) to get the damage needed to make an arrow split into the number of arrows you specify. You can use this command to give yourself an arrow that will split into that number, too. See the /help command (for me, page 3) for usage. If the arrow name parameter of the command isn’t entered, it’ll default to the item you’re holding.

Last but not least, the quiver!

Quivers can hold up to 64 items in 16-sized stacks, to allow you to have multiple types of arrows per quiver.



Quiver hotbar overlay:

With the overlay at the top of your screen, you can select which arrow type you want to shoot from the quivers in your inventory. Press + to switch forward, – to switch backward, and Backspace will switch between arrow type selection and slot selection. The overlay has three different animation styles to show the selected arrows, which can be selected in the config file.

Quiver inventory GUI:

This GUI is opened by right-clicking while holding a quiver and allows you to place arrows in your quivers. The button in the middle allows you to remove all the arrows from the quiver at once. Shift-clicking any arrow stack in your inventory will fill as many slots in the quiver as possible with that stack.

Graphical changes:

3D arrow rendering!

Bows are rendered in three “layers”, the wood, string and the arrow:

Explosions in water make splashes and bubbles:

How to install Better Bows Mod:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download Better Bows Mod zip file
  • Put the contents of this mod’s zip into minecraft.jar using an archiver program like 7-Zip. Make sure to replace any files in the jar that conflict.
  • Done


  • The config should be located in “minecraft/config/QuiverMod.cfg”

Better Bows Mod Download Links:

For Minecraft 1.6.4

For Minecraft 1.6.2

For Minecraft 1.5.2

Older versions:

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