Block Armor Addon (1.20, 1.19) adds new armors that are based on Blocks like Tnt Armor, Wool Armor, Leaves Armor, and even Furnace Armor! All of them have special abilities! More than 200 types of armor are available, which are crafted from various blocks, even the most common ones. Each type of armor is endowed with its own strength and degree of protection for the wearer. Now every block will be useful even at the beginning of survival. The rarer the block is, the stronger the armor from it will be. All recipes are similar to regular types of equipment.


  • Adds new armors which are based on Blocks like Tnt Armor, Wool Armor, Leaves Armor, and even Furnace Armor!
  • All of them have special abilities (All the abilities are displayed in-game).
  • And make sure Experimental Gameplay features are on.

Sugar Cane Armor

  • It’s decent, but for the early game pretty useful

Wool Armor

  • Very Useful in the deep dark

  • Soul Sand ArmorMakes everything so much slower.. for the player

Snow Armor

  • Life Experience of becoming a snow Golem

Leave Armor

  • Easy to get, yet weak

Ice Armor

  • Maaannn I got the drip! Pretty difficult to get, yet useful

TNT Armor

  • Ya’ll can guess what this one can do…

Melon/Pumpkin Armor

  • Good for an Early game, but wouldn’t recommend if you got like 10 stacks of golden Carrots

Magma and Netherrack armor

  • Wouldn’t recommend it if you have a hostile mob as pet

Quartz/Quartz Brick armor

  • Pretty good for going in the Nether. Would recommend

Lapis/Amethyst Armor

  • For mending it’s a pretty good Armor

End stone/End Brick/Purpur Armor

  • Not the best if you like to stand still

Noteblock armor

  • If you want to annoy your non-existing friends while being protected

Coal/Furnace/Blast Furnace/Smoker Armor

  • Smelting without coal has never been easier

Sponge Armor

  • Good for an underwater base

Tinted Glass

  • Yes, there is Armor, it’s just invisible

Glowstone/Shroomlight Armor

  • I’m still wondering why Mojang doesn’t wanna add dynamic light…

Prismarine/Prismarine Brick/Dark Prismarine Armor

  • Having conduit power without using an conduit

Bone Armor

  • The Dogs will love you for this

Stonebrick/Nether brick/Deepslate Brick/Obsidian/Crying Obsidian/Bedrock

  • Tell me your God, without telling me your God

Planks Armor

  • They are good for early game, and that is about all that can be said here

Hay Ball Armor

  • It’s the same as Leave Armor, just better

Mud Armor

  • It’s the same as dirt.. just muddier

Copper Armor

  • Herobrine would be proud

Basalt and Blackstone Armor

  • I am wondering why Piglins won’t make those

Sculk Armor

  • If you craft this, do you have hobbies?

Stone, Andesite, Granite, Diorite Armor

  • A Decent Armor

Hope you enjoy the addon!

How to install:

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Block Armor Addon (1.20, 1.19) Download Links

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.19

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For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.20

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