If you aspire to construct the most aesthetically pleasing Minecraft houses, chances are you’ll need to utilize some of the materials we introduce in this article. All of these materials are available on the PC, console, and mobile versions of the game.

Minecraft is an incredibly open-ended game where players can enjoy it in any way they please. It can be a survival challenge, an exploration journey, or a role-playing adventure. However, regardless of the playstyle, players sooner or later want to build something. Whether it’s a simple shelter or an extravagant castle, players eventually crave a beautiful abode. And to construct a visually appealing structure, you need quality materials. Let’s explore the most beautiful Minecraft building blocks with 9Minecraft in this article.

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1. Brick

Houses with red brick roofs are among the most coveted structures in Minecraft, not just because of the material’s value but also due to its rarity. To craft bricks, players need to find clay in watery areas and then smelt it in a furnace. However, clay is often scarce. Despite the rarity, the quaint charm of houses made from bricks makes players eager to use them in their builds.

To acquire bricks, besides laboriously digging for clay in watery regions, players can seek the Hero of the Village status to receive clay blocks from villagers. This is the only method currently available to farm bricks in large quantities. Fortunately, in Minecraft 1.18, players can replace bricks with alternative materials such as acacia wood or crimson stems. These alternatives share a similar red color and intricate patterns but are much more common.

2. Terracotta

With smooth surfaces and a variety of colors, terracotta blocks can be used extensively in modern-style Minecraft constructions. It’s the perfect material for luxurious villas with many glass walls and meticulously trimmed tree fences. The somewhat subdued colors of terracotta blocks blend well with other vibrant blocks.

To obtain terracotta, players simply need to visit Mesa biomes and mine away. With various colors available, this method saves a lot of effort compared to other harvesting methods. Of course, players can also smelt raw clay blocks in a furnace to get terracotta, but this method is extremely inefficient due to the scarcity of clay, as mentioned earlier.

3. Quartz

Found in the Nether, quartz blocks are sought after by players aiming to build beautiful structures in a Greek architectural style, featuring columns and intricately carved quartz blocks with their pristine white color. Luckily, this material is not rare, requiring only some digging effort and occasionally resulting in players unintentionally falling into lava or encountering hostile mobs.

However, skilled Minecraft players may not even need to venture into the Nether to obtain quartz. By spending a few in-game hours caring for villagers and curing them of zombie infections a few times, players can buy quartz from villagers at affordable prices. If you have surplus gold, you can also trade for quartz with Piglins, but this method is more luck-dependent.

4. Copper

Introduced in patch 1.17, copper quickly became a favorite among players and one of the most beautiful building materials in Minecraft. Copper blocks come in various colors (after being waxed) but share the common traits of being vibrant, lively, and suitable for various styles. You can use them in modern constructions, medieval styles, fantasy architecture, and more without feeling out of place.

With the current 1.18 patch, players can easily find copper in massive ore veins underground. If you’re not into mining, you can spend time building a “farm” for drowned zombies – these creatures have an 11% chance of dropping copper ingots when killed. You can oxidize copper to create green or red-colored copper and combine it with wood obtained in the Nether to create structures with depth.

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