Console Spam Fix Plugin (1.18, 1.17.1) is a bukkit/spigot utility plugin that allows you to hide desired messages or errors that appear on the server console and logs. The messages or errors are only hidden and not fixed! Useful if you want to hide errors or messages that spam the server console and get huge-sized server logs. This plugin was made to stop console spam when you can’t have the issue fixed, and to prevent other issues because of intense console spam and unreadable console logs. It’s very useful on modded servers where some mods can cause a lot of console spam.


  • The plugin should work fine on any bukkit/spigot server no mater the version. It works on KCauldron modded servers too.
  • Hides configured messages from appearing on server console and logs.
  • Easy to configure. Check the plugin config file.
  • Reload command to apply the config changes without a server restart.
  • Performance friendly, no TPS drops.


  • csf.admin – Allow the use of config reload command. Default to OP.


  • /csf reload – csf.admin – Reload the plugin config.


How to install:

  • Download a plugin of your choice.
  • Place the .jar and any other files in your plugins directory.
  • Run the server and wait for it to fully load.
  • Type stop in your Minecraft server console to bring the server to a clean stop.
  • Run the server.
  • All done! Your plugin should be installed and ready to be used.

Console Spam Fix Plugin (1.18, 1.17.1) Download Links

For All Versions from Minecraft Bukkit 1.12 to Minecraft Bukkit 1.18

Download from Server 1

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