Demon Slayer ST Addon (1.20, 1.19) includes a variety of nichirin swords, breaths, clothing options, quests, buildings, and kekijutsu techniques. It even allows you to choose your Oni or a Hunter path. The most exciting feature is the ability to play with your friends, as the addon has a 99.9% survival rate. Additionally, the addon is available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese versions.


This tutorial will show you how to play this addon:

Choose Your Skin Color:

  • White skin color:

  • Dark skin color:

Choose Hair Types:

  • Hair one:

  • Hair two:

  • Hair three:

Choose Hair Color:

  • After choosing your hair color, you must close and open the menu again
  • After you finish assembling your player, you will be able to choose your style of score, being the option of pc, and cell phone.

Choose Your Score:

  • Cell phone

  • Computer


  • The Blacksmiths Will Help You Repair Your Nichirin After Defeating The Hunters, Who Will Have A Chance To Give You A Broken Nichirin.

Tamahagane ore:

  • You can go to the caves, or by defeating the haganezuka to collect this ore.

Become Oni:

  • Once it becomes Oni, you will be unable to walk during daylight.


Every time you drink blood, you get stronger:

  • Oni Level Two 20 Blood
  • Oni Level Three 60 Blood
  • Lower Moon Oni 130 Blood
  • Oni Superior Moon 200  Blood

Human Meat

  • Human Meat Will Regenerate Oni, More Common Humans Will Have Negative Effects

Oni missions:

You will do the stories, from the part of the Onis:

(After Finish Ah First Mission, You Can Go To the Next)

  • Onis can also use the double jump which can reach 11 blocks of height.

Become hunter:

  • To Become a Hunter You Must Talk to Urokodaki:

  • To do the missions you must wait until midnight when you will get an item to call your crow.

Rank up:

  • To Raise Your Hunter Rank, You Must Eliminate the Onis, Every 5 kill Of oni You Raise Your Rank

Increase your breathing:

  • You must hold the splint until the red color changes to green
  • You will get pegala by talking to shinobu

Installation Note:

  • Make sure you activate the Experimental Gameplay.
  • Choose the language that’s right for you:

How to install:

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Demon Slayer ST Addon (1.20, 1.19) Download Links

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.19

Behavior: Download from server 1Download from server 2

Resource: Download from server 1Download from server 2

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.20

mcaddon: Download from server 1Download from server 2

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