Anime Characters Addon (1.20, 1.19) adds various anime characters into their Minecraft world. These characters referred to as “waifus” and “husbands”, are popular figures from different anime series. The mod includes characters from a wide range of anime, such as Naruto, One Piece, and My Hero Academia, among others.

The characters are not just for show; they can also fight and protect the player. Each character has unique abilities that reflect their powers in their respective anime series. For instance, Naruto can perform the Rasengan, while Luffy can stretch his body like rubber.

The mod also includes a feature that allows players to marry these characters. After marriage, the anime character will follow the player around and assist in battles.


Characteristics of the entity:

Choose your way to play:

Choose in the game menu, in the behavior add-ons part, the way to spawn the entities, by crafting or by natural generation (This can be changed whenever). The crafting mode will only make the entities craftable, they will not appear natural, and the natural generation mode will do the opposite. The mode of crafting will be decided by default.

Craft Entities:

You can craft the entities with a crafting table and the necessary materials, once with their spawn object, you will need an object (flowers, cookies, etc.) to establish a friendship. (All characters are compatible with this mechanic, except All Might and Saitama).

Entities Spawn:

Entities will spawn naturally, some spawn only at night, others only in certain biomes, etc. Entities do not interfere with the spawning of other Minecraft entities (animals, monsters, etc.).

Friendship (To tame):

To make a friendship with an entity, we must use some of the following objects: “Poppy” (and some more flowers), “Cookie” and “Apple”. Depending on the character, it can cost us more or less objects. Also, if you are the owner, you will not be able to damage your own characters.

When we are friends with a character, we can see his life (Among many more things that are explained below).

Behavior (Tame):

If we are friends with a character, he will follow us and help us when facing enemies. The behavior can vary a bit depending on the character, but it is the same concept in all. (Note: They don’t like Creepers.)


When we are friends with an entity we can use its inventory to store objects, this inventory is private for the owner, but if the entity dies it will drop all the objects. (The maximum number of objects may vary depending on the entity).

Equipment and stats:

Characters have different health and attack stats from each other, sometimes they have more attacks but less life, or vice versa. But normally the base life is 35-50 points and the base attack is 10-15 points, but we can equip our characters with an Attack Prism to increase the attack (Normally being 15-25 points) and Life Prism to raise life (Normally being 60-100 points). We can remove the horse armor or the sword whenever we want (if they die they will drop it) but by doing so they will return to life and initial attack.


We can feed our characters with the most edible foods in the game so that they recover health.

Sit and Stand:

If we crouch down and interact with a character, he will sit down and if he is already sitting down, he will stand up.

Regeneration ability:

Some characters have the ability to put regeneration 1 on themselves and their owner when a fight ends, the amount of time of the effect is different depending on the character. (Sometimes they can also give feedback to other entities that are part of our team).

Unique behavior:

Some characters may have custom behaviors, such as increased speed, supernatural stats, or being damaged by certain things.

For example Nezuko, she only spawns at night and can take damage from sunlight, so be careful.

Archer entity / Psychic entity:

Some entities will use a bow and arrows to attack (Arrows change their design depending on whether they have more attack or less)

Other entities attack with the “mind”…

Special items:

The prisms will help you to improve the statistics of your favorite characters, these 2 objects are crafted, and each one has its function, the attack prism increases the attack and the life prism increases life (Obviously).

Crafting Recipes:

Revitalizing Mirror and souls:

Did your partner fall in battle? Did your friend accidentally kill your favorite character? Don’t worry, when your favorite characters die they will leave their soul, if you take it and save it you can revive it. By crafting a Revitalizing Mirror, an item that if given a soul can revive a character.

List of characters and conditions for spawning:

If they do not have any conditions, they will appear in the day in any place where animals can appear:

Show Spoiler
1-Tanjiro Kamado (Only at night)
2-Mona Megistus (Only at night)
3-Hu Tao (Only in the Nether)
4-Xiao (Only at night)
5-Mikasa Ackerman.
6-Levi Ackerman (Only at night)
8-Barbara Pegg.
9-Shoto Todoroki (Only in the Nether)
10-Annie Leonhart (Only in the desert)
11-Kaedehara Kazuha.
13-Izuku Midoriya.
14-Albedo (Only in cold biomes)
16-Asuka Langley Sōryū.
17-Darkness. (Only in the desert)
18-Megumin (Only in the Nether)
19-Shogun Raiden (Only at night)
20-Kaede Akamatsu.
21-Chiaki Nanami (Only at night)
22-Kyoko Kirigiri
23-Kaworu Nagisa (Only in the end)
24-Alex (Only in Forest and Taiga)
25-Mai Sakurajima
26-Rikka Takanashi
27-Hayase Nagatoro (Only in the desert)
28-ZeroTwo (Only in cold biomes)
29-Saitama (Does not spawn naturally)
30-Miku Hatsune (Only in the end)
31-Asuna Yuuki
32-Hinata Hyūga
33-Sasuke Uchiha (Only at night)
34-Naruto Uzumaki (Only in the desert)
35-Nejire Hado (Only in cold biomes)
36-Ochako Uraraka.
37-Shouko Komi.
38-Shinobu Kochō (Only at night)
39-Nezuko Kamado (Only at night)
40-Mitsuri Kanroji (Only at night)
41-Sinon (Only in the desert)
43-Tartaglia – Nobile (Only at night)
44-Robert E. O. Speedwagon.
45-Destiny (Only at night)
48-Rei Ayanami (Only in the end)
49-Takt Asahina. (Only in cold biomes)
50-Kagamine Rin (Only in the desert)
54-Steve. (Only in Forest and Taiga)
55-KizunaKizuna AI.
56-Amelia Watson.
57-Gawr Gura.
58-Korone Inugami.
59-Miko Yotsuya. (Only at night)
60-Kurumi Tokisaki (Only in the Nether)
61-Monika (Only in the end)
63-Noé Archiviste.
64-Ena Shinonome.
65-Lisa. (Only at night)
66-Rias Gremory. (Only in the Nether).
67-2B. (Only at night)
70-Yoimiya (Only at night)
71-Sumi Sakurasawa
76-Nino Nakano
77-Miku Nakano
78-Yotsuba Nakano (Only at day)
79 Itsuki Nakano
80-Felix Argyle
81-Zhongli (Only at night)
82-Howl Jenkins Pendragon
83-Dazai Osamu (Only at night)
84-Yoruichi Shihōin (Only at day in the desert)
85-Rukia Kuchiki (Only at night)
86-Reimu Hakurei
87-Yuno Gasai (Night Only)
88-Marin Kitagawa
89-Yumeko Jabami (Night Only)
90-Seras Victoria (Day only)
92-Satoru Gojo (Only in the End)
93-Nobara Kugisaki (Only in cold biomes)
94 Yuuji Itadori (Only in the Nether)
95-Marisa Kirisame(Only in cold biomes)
97-Pyra (Only at day)
98-Mythra (Only at night)
99-All Might
100 – Cynthia (Only in the End)
101 – Alice [SAO] 102 – Zenitsu Agatsuma (Only at night)
103 – Aether
104 – Sucrose
105 – Yae Miko
106 – Joker. (Only at night)
107 – Yuri
108 – Katsuki Bakugo
109 – Lucoa.
110 – Violet Evergarden.
111 – Siesta
112 – Mori Calliope
113 – Ina
114 – Takanashi Kiara
115 – Ryuko Matoi
116 – Obanai Iguro (Only at night)
117 – Ban (Only in the Nether)
118 – Sakura Haruno
119 – Kyōka Jirou
120 – Tamaki Amajiki
121 – Sonia
122 – Hilda 123-Serena
124 – Hilbert
125 – Sonia Nevermind
126 – Misato
127 – Toga Himiko
128 – Tatsumaki
129 – Bulma
130 – Tamaki Kotatsu


How to install:

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Anime Characters Addon (1.20, 1.19) Download Links

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.18

mcaddon: Download from server 1 – Download from server 2

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.19

Behavior: Download from server 1Download from server 2

Resource: Download from server 1Download from server 2

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.20

Behavior: Download from server 1Download from server 2

Resource: Download from server 1Download from server 2

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