Ever think that mobs are nolonger hard enough anymore or that the awareness of mobs is too short. Well this mod makes things a lot harder to survive and makes creepers a little smarter as enemies always know where you are. Creepers will no longer ignore you if your behind a simple wall and will attempt to breach through it. Rare Blazes and ghasts put into normal world to limit those who attempt to live in the sky.


  • Customisable awareness radius for most mobs (does not includes Ghasts & Endermen)
  • Creepers will attempt to breach through walls if they are within 6 blocks of their target
  • Blazes spawn in overworld
  • Ghasts spawn in overworld
  • Wither Skeletons spawn in overworld
  • 10% chance of Creepers being powered upon spawning
  • Creeper explosions are napalm/fire
  • Beds do not work (still sets spawn but won’t change time)
  • Skeletons are like snipers and can hit you dead in the head from long distances
  • Endermen can teleport the player they are attacking
  • Endermen can act more like Slendermen having side effects on players
  • Zombies can infect the players when they die so that a zombie rises from their grave
  • Apocalypse mode allows only Zombies and Slendermen to spawn and no other mob or animal
  • Every mob attacks villagers using the same abillities used against you! (Can wipe out villages)
  • Chaos mode makes mobs attack eachother and animals. (Causes mass destruction)
  • Rare fortresses containing large amounts of spawners and loot to find
  • Creepers riding Spiders
  • More common Spider jockeys
  • Path capping per player
  • Complete customisation of all features



  • 1. Open the minecraft.jar or minecraft_server.jar with 7zip or WinRAR
  • 2. Copy & paste all the relative class files provided with the mod into the .jar and overwrite existing files (For the client mod, delete the META-INF folder)
  • 3. Run!



  • Dragon Forts
  • Space dimension
  • Wither Skeletons in overworld
  • Spider Bombs
  • Removed Enderman Sky Teleport (too buggy)
  • Menu Fixes and optimisations
  • Slight change to forts
  • Path capping now per player
  • Closest mobs now attack their target while the furthest ignore their current target if cap is full. Fixes mobs ignoring you when approached if the cap was full.

For Minecraft 1.5.2



For 1.4.7/1.4.6



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