Are you looking for Foggy, Scarry Shade-eer, and stuff, well maybe this is for you. F.O.G Shader (1.20, 1.19) aims for Fog, it’s not that fancy, it just looks scarier, un-vibrant, un-color, and scary.


  • This shader is compatible with the new engine called Render Dragon, but don’t worry old engine is still inside this pack you can select it at Pack Settings later on. The new engine may not be called shader because the author using the fogs system and debug screen which is not shader, but the feeling still you’re still using the original F.O.G shader, the downgraded was sky is static not like 1.5.1 Sky Update, but don’t worry you can see the stars at night. The shader might be slightly different due to the engine itself.


Important Note:

In case you had a problem with :

  • You may reset Screen Safe Area to default for the Render Dragon version of the shader.
  • Inside the content you need to extract the .zip first to select the version of the shader you want.
  • Inside Read Me content:
  • If you’re using a newer Minecraft version (above 1.18.31) that had Render Dragon Engine please use Render Dragon Ver. work on all devices, for sure.
  • If you’re using the old Minecraft version (below 1.18.30) you can use HLSL and GLSL Engine. work on phone and PC.
  • NOTE: Both are different running engines and are limited due to Render at Render Dragon Engine.

This Shader is Compatible with:

  • Windows
  • Android
  • IOS
  • Xbox
  • PS5

Other settings:

  • Set Brightness in-game to 0 if you cannot see it’s okay to set whatever you want.
  • Poluted Cloud: you can turn this off/on at Minecraft in-game settings Video -> “Render Cloud”.
  • Render Distance Draw the FOG! so, the lowest Render Distance the more FOG you can get.
  • This Shader is perfect for horror minigames, and scary events!
  • Perfect for Apocalyptic, Horror, and scary maps.
  • GLSL, HLSL, and “Render Dragon maybe?” code inside!

How to install:

  • The application is simple just like an ordinary texture pack you can set it global or your world, enjoy! you don’t need to do anything like re-install Minecraft and others, just simply activate the pack and you’re good to go.
  • This is not an addon this is just a texture replacement, which means you can set it to global resources and play it on the server as well and don’t need to turn on experimental.

F.O.G Shader (1.20, 1.19) Download Links

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