This addon is the remake version of the Original Fantasy Villagers addon, which had been abandoned for over a year and is now available. The project has been revived with new and improved villagers, although a few have been removed as they are not yet implemented. However, they will be reintroduced soon. Fantasy Villagers Remake Addon (1.19) includes 9 Villagers and 2 Golems eager to assist in the growth of your kingdom and help defeat your illager enemies.





Scouts are very weak but do not underestimate them. if they are swarms, they’ll easily take down their targets. They normally wield an iron sword

  • Health: 30
  • Damage:6
  • Strong in groups
  • Spawns mainly in taiga biomes


Spearmen are basic infantries. They are quite similar to scouts, but stronger and more versatile than Scouts. Spearmen normally wield a spear

  • Health: 30
  • Damage: 7
  • Has a long damage range
  • Spawns mainly in taiga biomes

Villager Vanguard

Villager Vanguards are advanced infantries. They are strong, versatile, and effective against Vindicators and other enemies. They wield a glaive and a shield. The shield is used to block the first strike of the attacking target.

  • Health: 40
  • Damage: 8-10
  • Uses a shield to block a target’s first attack
  • Spawns mainly in a plains biome
  • sometimes drops a Vanguard helmet or an iron chest plate

Villager Guardian

Villager Guardians are highly defensive infantries. They don’t have a big health but they have a high damage reduction and a high knockback resistance. They can also deal big damage to their target. Villager Guardians aren’t hard to kill but don’t expect to beat them easily.

  • Health: 45
  • Damage: 10-12
  • Inflicts critical damage (20-23)
  • Became fully immune to damage for 3 seconds when they have low health
  • Spawns in plains and meadows
  • sometimes drops the Villager Guardian Sword, Emerald, or an iron chest plate

Villager Chief

The Villager Chief is the strongest villager in this addon. He is very effective against swarms or strong enemies due to his great battle skills and advanced gears. He only wields a sword

  • Health; 200
  • Damage: 14
  • Fully immune to knockbacks
  • Deals an Area damage
  • Does not spawn naturally


Bowstratons are basic troops. They mainly use bows to shoot their targets at far range. They are a great advantage against close-ranged enemies such as zombies and vindicators. They also can dodge attackers’ arrows.

  • Health: 30
  • Arrow Damage: 8-10
  • Can dodge attacker’s arrows
  • Spawns in plains and meadows

Royal Guard

Royal Guards are special infantries that mainly guard the village or protect the king (which will be added in the next update). They are slightly stronger than Villager Vanguards but weaker than the Villager Guardian. Royal guards do not have any special attributes or skills

  • Health:50
  • Damage: 9-11
  • Summoned by Royal Reinforcers
  • Does not spawn naturally

Royal Reinforcer

Royal Reinforcers are special infantries. They use a reinforcer’s horn that calls royal guards and villager vanguards to join a battle and a Sickle to fight the attacking target. They also mainly protect and guard a village.

  • Health: 60
  • Damage: 6-18
  • Summons Royal Guards and Villager Vanguards.
  • Does not spawn naturally

Enchanted Librarian

Enchanted Librarians are supportive units. Their main contribution in a battle is aiding Villager-Friendly mobs with some positive effects (strength and regeneration). They seem to be harmless but they also shoot magical orbs at their target using an enchanted tome.

  • Health: 40
  • Projectile Damage: 4-7
  • Buffs Nearby Villager-Friendly mobs in a radius of 15 blocks
  • Shoots Projectiles to their target
  • Spawns in swamps and mangrove swamps
  • Drops an enchanted tome


The Great Guardian

The Great Guardian is an ancient golem. Legends say that the golem is powered by dark magic that made him powerful and everlasting.

  • Health:150
  • Is a boss mob
  • Damage: 13-21
  • Deals great knockback damage to his target
  • Explodes on death
  • Rarely spawns in jungle biomes

The Golembreaker (Reinforced Golem)

The Golembreaker is the strongest mob in this addon. They are heavy-duty and Armed with reinforced iron. The Golembreaker is very hard to kill due to its great damage and great health. Only the strongest mob in Minecraft (Warden) can beat The Reinforced Golem.

  • Health: 250
  • Damage 19-34
  • Inflicts a heavy knockback to its target
  • Deals greater damage to swarms
  • Rarely spawns in jungle biomes
  • Drops 16-25 iron ingots



Vanguard Helmet

A Variant of an Iron Helmet. It has the same durability and protection as an iron helmet.


Enchanted Tome

The enchanted tome is an artifact dropped by Enchanted librarians. It shoots magical orbs at a target


Guardian’s Sword

A sword used by Villager Guardians. Deals 8 Damage and Used to hire a Villager Guardian. You can hire a villager by following these steps.

  1. Hold a Guardian’s Sword
  2. Go to the nearest villager and press the button “Villager Guardian”
  3. Wait for them to turn into a villager guardian and be done.

Elite Claymore

A sword used by a Royal Guard. Deals 10 damage, and can be obtained by killing a royal guard.

The Infinity Sword

The Infinity Sword is a legendary sword created by ancient blacksmiths. It is made of Reinforced iron and the legendary gem Voltaic Sapphire. This sword deals 19 damage and summons lightning bolts when hitting a mob or a player. It is currently unobtainable (will soon be craftable by a rare material)

Installation Note:

  • Make sure you activated the Experimental Gameplay.

How to install:

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