If you’re looking for some new and exciting structures to spice up your Minecraft world, you’ll love this addon. Johnrasc Structures Revamped Addon (1.20, 1.19) adds 107 different structures that can appear in various biomes and dimensions, such as dungeons, towers, ruins, and more. You’ll never know what you’ll find next as you explore your world. Johnrasc Structures is a mod that creates unique and diverse structures, such as abandoned buildings, dungeons, towers, and more. Some structures have custom loot tables, but no custom mobs, models, blocks or other features. This addon is perfect for adventurers who want to discover new places and treasures.


  • Some small structures had a higher chance to spawn, and some large structures had a lower chance to spawn. Not all structures can be found on the surface, some can be generated on the ocean floor, sky, and underground. Most of the structures had different varieties, and some structures had a hidden mob spawner, loot chest & ore. Here are the structures that will generate:


  • There are a lot of structures that may not be in this description. We’ll let you be the one to explore those remaining structures. Good luck!

Green House

  • Biome: Forest, Mesa, Plains, Savanna, and Taiga
  • Occurrence Density: 0.25%
  • Structure load command: GreenHouse_Mush

Desert House

  • Biome: Desert
  • Occurrence Density: 0.35%
  • Structure load command: Desert_BHouse_A

Simple Abandoned House

  • Biome: Forest, Jungle, Plains, Savanna, and Taiga
  • Occurrence Density: 0.5%
  • Structure load command: Simple_House_A

Mossy Tower Bricks

  • Biome: Overworld
  • Occurrence Density: 0.4%
  • Structure load command: Tower_Bricks_M

Oasis #1

  • Biome: Desert
  • Occurrence Density: 0.4%
  • Structure load command: Oasis_1

Azalea Arc

  • Biome: Forest, Jungle, Plains, and Savanna
  • Occurrence Density: 0.33%
  • Structure load command: Azalea_Arc

Moss Patch with loot

  • Biome: Forest, Jungle, Plains, Savanna, and Taiga
  • Occurrence Density: 0.25%
  • Structure load command: Moss_Patch_wC

Fossil #1

  • Biome: Desert, Desert Hills, and Desert Mutated
  • Occurrence Density: 0.75%
  • Structure load command: Fossil_1

Mysterious Hut

  • Biome: Forest and Plains
  • Occurrence Density: 0.25%
  • Structure load command: Mysterious_Hut

Installation Note:

  • Make sure you turn on the “Custom Biome” in the Experimental Gameplay.

How to install:

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Johnrasc Structures Revamped Addon (1.20, 1.19) Download Links

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