Welcome to an unparalleled prehistoric adventure! Introducing Jurassic Dino World Addon (1.20, 1.19), where you can embark on an epic journey back in time to a world filled with awe-inspiring dinosaurs straight out of Jurassic World.


This addon offers some cool features:

  • Tamable Dinosaurs: Step into a world where you can befriend and tame a variety of iconic dinosaurs, including the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex, the gentle Brachiosaurus, and the swift Velociraptor. These ancient creatures will become your loyal companions on your Minecraft adventures.
  • Jurassic Environments: Explore lush, prehistoric landscapes filled with dense jungles, towering palm trees, and cascading waterfalls. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the Jurassic era.

Here are a few details about the added dinosaur mobs in the Jurassic Dino World Minecraft Addon:

  1. Ankylosaurus
  2. Brontosaurus
  3. Carnotaurus
  4. Galliminus
  5. Mosasaurus
  6. Pterodactyl
  7. Spinosaurus
  8. Stegosaurus
  9. Trex
  10. Triceratops


  • Appearance: Ankylosaurus is a heavily armored dinosaur with a large club-like tail for defense.
  • Behavior: These herbivorous dinosaurs are known for their slow movement and peaceful nature. They can often be found grazing on prehistoric plants.


  • Appearance: Brontosaurus, also known as Apatosaurus, is a massive, long-necked herbivore.
  • Behavior: These gentle giants roam the plains, munching on leaves from tall trees. They are typically passive but can become defensive if provoked.


  • Appearance: Carnotaurus is a smaller yet fierce predator with distinctive bull-like horns above its eyes.
  • Behavior: Carnotaurus is an agile predator that hunts in packs. They are known for their speed and cunning, making them a formidable threat to players.


  • Appearance: Gallimimus is a bipedal dinosaur resembling an ostrich.
  • Behavior: These swift runners are skittish and will flee if approached. They are primarily herbivorous but can be seen foraging for small insects as well.


  • Appearance: Mosasaurus is an enormous aquatic reptile with flippers and a long, powerful tail.
  • Behavior: These sea-dwelling creatures inhabit large bodies of water, where they can be seen swimming gracefully. They may occasionally surface for air.


  • Appearance: Pterodactyls are flying reptiles with wingspans that allow them to glide gracefully through the skies.
  • Behavior: Pterodactyls are aerial creatures that can be found circling the skies. They are passive unless provoked.


  • Appearance: Spinosaurus is a massive, aquatic dinosaur with a sail-like fin on its back.
  • Behavior: Spinosaurus is a territorial and aggressive predator. It can be found near bodies of water and is known for its powerful attacks.


  • Appearance: Stegosaurus is a herbivorous dinosaur known for its double row of large bony plates along its back and spikes on its tail.
  • Behavior: These peaceful herbivores graze on plants and generally avoid confrontation. However, they can defend themselves with their spiked tail if threatened.

Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex):

  • Appearance: T-Rex is a massive carnivorous dinosaur with sharp teeth and tiny, useless arms.
  • Behavior: The T-Rex is the king of the dinosaurs and a fearsome predator. It roams the land in search of prey, and players should exercise caution when encountering one.


  • Appearance: Triceratops is a herbivorous dinosaur known for its three facial horns and frill.
  • Behavior: Triceratops are typically peaceful grazers but can become aggressive if provoked or if they perceive a threat to their herd.

  • Encounter unique challenges and threats as you navigate your way through this primeval world. Face off against other creatures of the era, and prove your survival skills in the ultimate test.

Crafting and Resources: 

  • Gather resources from this ancient world to craft powerful tools and equipment. Forge the tools you need to thrive in the land of the dinosaurs.

Mystery and Discovery:

  • Uncover hidden secrets, discover ancient fossils, and learn about the rich history of these incredible creatures as you journey through time.
  • Dive into the Jurassic Dino World Addon and experience Minecraft like never before. Whether you’re a seasoned explorer or a newcomer to the world of dinosaurs, this addon promises endless excitement and discovery. Are you ready to tame the past and make history? Download now and embark on your epic Jurassic adventure!

Installation Note:

  • Make sure you turn on the Experimental Gameplay.

How to install:

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Jurassic Dino World Addon (1.20, 1.19) Download Links

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