This mod implements KOA-Style Weaponry, combat and crafting into Minecraft


  • Multiple Biomes in dimension
  • 40 weapons
  • 10 mobs
  • 4 new custom trees
  • Custom 3D Blocks
  • Unique portal (3D)
  • Powerful weapon effects
  • Custom Lore


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  • Azurite Weaponary – Longsword, Hammer, daggers and staff.
    Each weapon has a unique stat accordinly.
    Staffs will shoot fireballs or frostballsExample of Custom stats
  • Sylvanite Weaponary
  • Prismere Weaponary
  • Staffs shooth lighting at whever you look

100 HP
2 Hearts of damage.
Drops Prismere Crystal
Special Info;
Extremely powerful, only attack if heavily armoured

1 Heart of damage
Drops:Planks, leaves and maybe golden apples
Special Info:

Spawn in large packs, beware if found in groups of 5-10


Red Legion Bandit:

1.5 Hearts of damage
Drops: Iron Sword
Special info:

Drops an array of random stuff

3 Hearts of damage
Drops:Tonnes of XP
Special Info: Pulversises you
Spawn in 1’s


1 Hearts of damage
Drops:Nothing yet
Special Info: Shoots fiirballs
Spawn in 3’s


Giant Spiders
2 Hearts of damage
Drops: Silk and Spider Eyes
Special Info: Poisons you
Spawn in 2’s

Giant Sider

Son of Laz
1 Hearts of damage
Drops: Human Flesh
Special Info: Instantly Drops your hunger to 0
Spawn in 4’s

Son of Laz

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Iron: Craft from iron blades (2 iron ingots)

Steel: The first tier, stronger than iron.
How to get: Coal=Iron, smelt into ingots, makes blades to craft the weapons.

Azurite: 2nd tier, stronger than diamond.
How to get: Drops from brownies and ettin, make blades to craft the weapons.

Sylvanite: 3rd tier, 10 dmg per hit
How to get: Drops from brownies, leanashes make blades to craft the weapons.

Prismere: 4th tier, 18dmg per hit
How to get: Drops from tuatha, make blades to craft the weapons.

Ebony: Highest Tier, 80dmg per hit.
How to get: Look for an ebony tree in the marsh biome, EXTREMELY rare, craft logs into blades

Special Abilities:

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Hammers: Make holes in the ground, pulverize enimies.

Faeblades: When charged up, they provide a rapid boost and attack increase, poison enemies

Daggers: Poison enemies.

Longsword: Slightly faster attack, all round weapon

Greatsword: Stronger versions of longswords

Staffs: Shoot projectiles or lightning


Kingdoms of Amalur Mod
Kingdoms of Amalur Mod
Kingdoms of Amalur Mod
Kingdoms of Amalur Mod
Kingdoms of Amalur Mod


  • Install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download Kingdoms of Amalur Mod zip file
  • Put Kingdoms of Amalur Mod zip file into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Do not unzip it.
  • Done.

For Minecraft 1.5.2

For Minecraft 1.5.1

For 1.5

For Minecraft 1.4.7

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